how to do it with this app

Instagram is undoubtedly the social of the moment, with an increasing number of users publishing all kinds of original and interesting content for increase your followers. Over the years, from simple photographs with descriptions, we have moved on to stories, to videos (also with IGTV) and finally to Reels more recently. This evolution was accompanied … Leer más

what it is and how to use it correctly

If you recently heard about WhatsApp Business, you may want learn more about what it is and how it works. If you have a business in which you have to communicate often with numerous clients, probably using this application can help you speed up and lighten your work. Today we will try to explain, in … Leer más

the best Android apps for chatting

We are in daily chats with all kinds of apps, from the now ubiquitous WhatsApp or Telegram to other «dark» instant messaging applications such as Signal. We are also familiar with the free chats present on various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. These are applications in which you use your identity, … Leer más

how to pass contacts from one to another

There are many who wish to abandon Whatsapp to switch to more powerful messaging services and be careful with privacy, What Telegram and Signal, numbered between the best alternatives to WhatsApp. So far, one of the brakes when moving from one platform to another was due to the impossibility of transferring the messages we have … Leer más

the best applications to read them

We all know barcodes and since the 1970s they have come into our lives so much that we hardly notice them. In this article we will see how this technology, with a few years on its shoulders but still widely used, and how it can be used with the modern smartphones or tablets that we … Leer más

the best apps to learn it

There is little to do, English is the language of world trade and, therefore, it is essential to know it correctly. Today for almost all professions in contact with the public or even if you want to access the amount of information that exists on the internet it is important to learn english. If you … Leer más