What is Key Lime Pie 5.0: news and features of this version of android

lie lime pie android 5 new features

Android 5.0 – Kie Lime Pie. We have already seen what is Jelly Bean 4.1 news – features and we continue with our section of frequent questions, trying to give an answer and shed some light, to the most significant keys around the Android operating system. Today we are going to discuss the features most important versions of another of its versions, specifically the future Key Lime Pie (KLP), or what is the same version 5.0.

At the time of writing this article, there is no official date confirmed for its launch, which is estimated around May 15, 2013. The future version of Android, which we could call lime or lemon cake, promises to bring important news to those devices chosen for installation and use.

Among the innovations that the new version will integrate, we highlight:

The incorporation of operating profiles. This is a function similar to lock mode already implemented in the Samsung Galaxy S III or Note II.

In this way, our device adapts to the task that the user carries out at that moment: game mode, night mode, reading mode … modifications in the performance and energy consumption of the device depending on the use applied.

What is Key Lime Pie 5.0: news and features of this version of android

Integration in the social networks. How could it be otherwise, Android looks at the phenomenon of social networks. The news that have transpired inform us that participation in the social network Google+ will be strengthened with the new device.

New multi-device support, which allows multimedia tasks to continue even when the tablet or Smartphone is closed. The idea is to be able to continue with games, books or movies from the point where they were left at another time of day or another day.

Improvements in Interface. As in every new version of Android, advances will come in the configuration of the OS. In this case, they would be mainly focused on the home screen, so that it could be more original for each user.

Finally, rumors point to a breakthrough in the integrated video chat. And it is that this function is already offered by Apple and everything indicates that Android 5.0 will offer this important improvement in its new version.

In future articles, we will update all the news, updates and improvements, which are confirmed, to complete information that will be useful to keep up to date with the latest versions and updates of the android universe.

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