What is Android L? new version of android

Recently the new Google operating system has been presented, it is Android L, a platform that will arrive to the public at the end of this year and the Preview version is now available for app and game developers, to begin updating to this version, all the thousands of existing apps and games on Google Play.

Android L offers us a simpler design, where new patterns predominate and also the so-called Material Design, minimalist and colorful, according to the demonstrations that have been presented, seeing a more fluid and natural handling.

Android L: design and appearance

Material Design It has a multitude of effects and animations when you press on the screen and the best of all is that this appearance will reach all devices, because the objective of this is to create a common visual language for customers, in this way it would allow to unify experiences, no matter whatever the platform or the size of the smartphone or tablet, it could even reach the browser without depending on the operation.

The design offered by Android L will be compatible with touch interfaces, clicks of the mouse or keyboards and voice commands. We can say that it will be adapted in almost all the devices that exist today.

During the presentation of Android L, Matías Duarte explained that Material Design wants to offer the user naturalness, since it has focused on all the new elements that are displayed on the screen, transitions, buttons, shadows and more, that is, Android L It looks clean, flat and serious, but the most important thing is that the lines allow developers to adapt any application to any screen size, where the elements are redistributed.

In Android L, the buttons Back, Home and Multitasking are now represented by a triangle, circle and square, respectively, with these icons, it will be more intuitive for the user. The most attractive thing about Material Design are the animations that they offer us, in addition to their effects and how the objects behave on the screen taking into account the physical properties, that is, the diseño Responsive, the elements offer a logical response whatever the input method, physical controls, voice, touches, the whole system has a new palette of colors and tones, in this way we can pay more attention to shadows and texts.

The font of letters that we will now have is new Roboto typeface, this font has been present on Android since Ice Cream Sandwich And now it has been redesigned and improved to be compatible with different operating systems, now it will be a little rounder and wider, we can say that it will be more pleasant to look at.

The first application that adapts to this new Android version is the app called Google Apps. With the same patterns it reaches Gmail, Maps, Calendar or Keeps and more. The truth is that the design is great and attractive, in this way users can enjoy a better, more interesting and innovative appearance.

As for the icons, all their designs have been unified, they are more modern, simple and are reduced to the minimum expression in order to guarantee their clarity and be minimalist, how could it be otherwise, coming from the well-known search engine, even in the smallest sizes.

And you, do you already know what android L is? leave your comment with news or improvements that you observe in the new android version.

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