What is Android Jelly Bean 4.3: news and features of this version of android (updated)

What is Android Jelly Bean 4.3: news and features of this version of android

Jelly Bean 4.3 arrived in the Android universe on 24 from July from 2013. At an event organized by Google in which the official presentation of the NEXUS 7 was jointly produced, the thirteenth version of the most popular operating system among Smartphones and Tablets in the world landed.

Next, we break down in this new entry of our frequently asked questions section, what are the features most important things that this upgrade from Jelly Bean, last in the series, which will give way to Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

The first analyzes of the new Operating System coincide in that it offers an appreciable faster handling of the Android device compared to its predecessors.

In this sense, for increase the graphics performance of the device, the drawing command flows have been optimized, reorganizing and unifying operations and most importantly, the processor of the Android device is allowed to use multihreading through the multiple CPU cores to perform different tasks.

Android Jelly Bean 4.3.  News that the new version of the operating system will offer

In fact, Android Jelly Bean 4.3 includes platform support for Khronos OpenGL ES 3.0, optimizing performance with games and other applications that require high 2D and 3D graphics resources.

One of the most striking tools is the marking with autocomplete, which will allow us to suggest numbers from our phonebook or recent calls when dialing a new call. This function also allows you to search the names with your T9 keyboard. This option can be freely activated.

What is Android Jelly Bean 4.3: news and features of this version of android

The photographic camera of devices running Android 4.3, will have new functionalities and improvements focused on the appearance of a new option called Photo Sphere. This tool will allow you to capture better images, even in dimly lit scenes.

In addition, using the button to control the volume photos can be taken from the phone.

Incorporation of the system Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) will allow devices to save energy. And it is that this tool will help to consume less battery when the phone or tablet is connected to other compatible portable devices.

At normal operating level, the consumption of Energy should also decrease thanks to the technology WiFi or the Bluetooth optimize their operation at all times, but especially in the time of inactivity from the Android device.

Other news related to connectivity device, is that Android 4.3 will allow applications to activate WiFi to obtain data at a certain time automatically.

In addition, the new Android version includes the integrated support for the smart platform. Bluetooth Ready in the central role. This feature provides a standard set of APIs that applications can use to discover nearby devices, query GATT services, and read / write features.

A last novelty regarding connectivity is the modification of the mode of Wi-Fi scan, which now allows users to keep Wi-Fi on without connecting to a Wi-Fi network, to improve location accuracy.

With respect to Interface, there will be a slight change in the font of the system. The new text font is called Robot.

In this field, in the case of tablets, the novelties go further. Feature is extended multi-user for tablets with restricted profiles, a new way to manage users and their capabilities on a single device.

What is Android Jelly Bean 4.3: news and features of this version of android

Regarding security, Android 4.3 works with the SELinux function to protect the operating system against potential security vulnerabilities-

Finally, Android 4.3 will give us the opportunity to order the Applications by the most used and in alphabetical order. The first option was a demand of many Android users.

What do you think of the new features in Android 4.3? Did you expect more changes with the new version of the operating system? Remember that you can leave us your comment through our Android Forum or by foot of this news.

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