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Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich características

Do you know Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich well? We continue with our series of articles from the section from frequent questions with the aim of answering and describing the most significant specifications of the Android operating system.

On this occasion, we will detail the characteristics of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which was the ninth version of the most popular operating system in smartphones and tablets.

This version was released on October 19, 2011 through the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung. Changes in the design of the Interface compared to its predecessor (Android 3.x Honeycomb) and different specs techniques they supposed a great evolution from Android. Let’s see them.

Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, features and functions

Interfaz de Android Ice Cream Sandwich

its Interface provided significant improvements compared to 3.x, the main novelty being the inclusion of the so-called buttons soft, three digital buttons that appear and disappear from the screen depending on the possibilities and navigation options of the operating system or programs.

In addition, the possibility of adding new folders of applications or games from the desktop, simply by the action of drag and drop one application over the other.

android ice cream sandwich caracteristicas

Security, facial recognition and other improvements

Another shocking upgrade to the mobile system, involved the incorporation of recognition facial to unlock the phone, allowing users to use this curious system to make the device operational again.

In this sense, Ice Cream Sandwich, allowed for the first time to access at Applications directly from the screen from blocking. It also made it possible to view notifications without having to unlock the terminal, which is undoubtedly a very comfortable function for the user of the device.

And also, to end this field, from the unlock screen 4.0.x directly allowed access to the camera from photos.

Regarding this very important element in smartphones today, the camera, Ice Cream Sandwich, incorporated suggestive novelties: greater speed and accessibility to take captures, new filters and artistic effects for photographs and the possibility of making compositions panoramic so automatic.

Among the functionalities provided by 4.0.x, the notable improvement of the corrector spelling and a redesign of the options to copy and paste texts. In addition, it allowed for the first time to carry out a control of the volume of transfer from data without the need to install applications, allowing users to control their spending and not get scared with bills.

android 4

Finally, we highlight the new way of presenting the applications, with direct access to the widgets available, being customizable and counting on scroll.

Ice Cream Sandwich presented these four revisions:

  • 4.0.1 (19-10-2011)
  • 4.0.2 (29-11-2011)
  • 4.0.3 (16-12-2011)
  • 4.0.4 (29-03-2012)

After this version, it happened Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which was released on July 9, 2012.

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