we review one of the best VPN with no logs

Interest in VPN services is on the rise and users are always looking for affordable but secure services. IPVanish has caught the attention of many because it has one very high reputation and offers a Level 1 military grade protection.

IPVanish is a payment service for network security, in fact it is a VPN service that offers the possibility of connecting to 1000 fast servers located in 60 countries. Offers data encryption 256 bits and a strict records management policy.

A VPN service works on a very simple concept, it consists of a client that routes all your network traffic over a secure encrypted connection and a server that receives it and forwards it to the recipient, masking user activities.

Users choose VPN services primarily for:

  • maintain anonymity (hiding your IP) in any network activity;
  • circumvent territorial blockades (use your own services far from borders or use foreign services);
  • increase your security, especially when connected to public or corporate networks;
  • increase your download speed if the operator filters your connection;
  • bypassing the blocks to some sites and services of the institutional networks (of offices, universities and institutions).

IPVanish offers fast servers and low ping

IPVanish it is one of the best VPN to play, as it offers many free servers connected through fiber optics. This allows to achieve excellent performance and have uao low latency. By testing the service with fiber and choosing servers that are not overloaded, you will notice how it is possible to connect without any decrease in performance (hence full line).

With an FTTC connection connecting to European servers, you notice good performance, less on some American servers, but probably because they are more congested.

IPVanish offers high security

Security for a VPN service is almost everything, IPVanish on this front is not kidding by offering a very serious anti-logging policy. The logs are the records of the client’s activity. Generally, the servers keep logs about the connection times, the IP of the person connected and other data that can lead to the identity of the user of the service. For this reason, IPVanish wishes to point out that it is not stored on their servers. no information that could betray the customer.

This and the fast servers are the main reasons that lead many hackers to recommend IPVanish as a cheap VPN service.

To increase customer security there is not only the strict no-logs policy, but also support for better security protocols, with even 256-bit military-grade data encryption.

Supports IPVanish: PPTP protocol with 128-bit encryption, OpenVPN with 128-bit encryption and L2TP protocol (256-bit encryption).

Offers many servers to overcome territorial blocks

With their numerous servers in our country re allows you to enjoy our services even far from our borders.

Also, thanks to the numerous US servers, IPVanish is one of the first choices for those who want to watch US Netflix and use other services available only in the US.

The large number of foreign servers is also heavily exploited to circumvent the Internet network limitations of many countries such as China (with its Great Firewall) and Middle Eastern countries.

IPVanish is a great file sharing solution

This VPN is recommended for file sharing for its fast and efficient servers, and because it has no traffic and connection limitation. Tests showed that it works very well with streaming, with IPTV lists, with torrents and with Acestream.

Service does not allow port forwarding therefore it is not suitable for use with eMule (it will have the low ID). Otherwise it works very well with torrents as well because it is possible to take advantage of SOCKS5.

It offers a great client with many options.

IPVanish has clients for various platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The client for desktop systems is really complete, as it offers many interesting options.

First, you can filter the servers by location or by supported security protocol. Also, there are many welcome additional options in the settings, such as:

  • automatic IP address change every given time interval;
  • the ability to choose the DNS;
  • the ability to choose the security protocol you prefer.

All clients automatically block all network connections when the connection to the server is lost, so your real IP address is never exposed.

Good customer service

IPVanish offers scustomer service always available (7 days a week) also via chat. The operators are always friendly, helpful, and prepared. Unfortunately, the support is only in English.

The service also has a good forum full of users who are always willing to give a hand, and offers several complete tutorials, which explain in detail the configuration of each aspect.

IPVanish has a low monthly cost

Among the premium VPN services, IPVanish has one of the lowest monthly costs: $ 3.49 for the first month, then $ 9.99. Costs per month are further reduced with the annual plan ($ 31.49 in the first year, which is $ 2.62 per month).

There is no free trial, but during the first 30 days you have the right to withdraw, without having to give any explanation and without clauses that limit it.


We liked IPVanish for:

  • the strict records policy;
  • the speed and the large number of servers, including the Spanish ones;
  • the full client with many advanced options;
  • support for the best security protocols;
  • good technical support and detailed guides on site;
  • the low monthly cost;
  • Easy and unconditional withdrawal within 30 days.

We didn’t particularly like the following:

  • support only in English;
  • the lack of a completely free trial period (but at least the withdrawal is present);
  • the absence of port forwarding.

If you want to try IPVanish, we invite you to do it on its official site.

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