review of the best service against censorship

We’ve already reviewed IPVanish, so this time let’s talk about another good VPN service: Hidester. This relatively young service, born in 2007, immediately stood out for its attention to the development of solutions to circumvent censorship. Particularly interesting and safe is its patented security protocol, CamoWeb, which we will discuss in detail in the following paragraphs.

Hackers often recommend Hidester VPN, so we decided to review it to check its speed and safety.

Each VPN service works in a conceptually simple way, in fact you have a client that routes user traffic in a tunnel connection that carries the data (encrypted) to the server. The server, in turn, is connected to the Internet and carries network traffic for the user.

VPN services are generally recommended for:

  • hide your IP address and thus remain anonymous on the network;
  • mislead sites and services about your position to bypass territorial blocks;
  • increase your privacy by encrypting your connections, especially useful if you use public, corporate or institutional networks;
  • avoid the anti P2P filters of some operators that limit the connection speed and make the transmission uncomfortable;
  • access any site, even on networks that block them (such as corporate and university networks).

Hidester VPN offers its speed

This service has good servers on all continents, Choose one of the fast servers to have great performance and low ping. Performance is better over the proprietary CamoVPN protocol.

By testing over fiber, you can browse virtually complete online. As with other similar services, only with at least one FTTC connection will you notice the limits. Generally, HidesterVPN offers excellent performance.

If you want to use streaming services, especially if you want to avoid territorial blocks, we recommend that you use the protocol CamoWeb that with a lower degree of security offers even better performance.

Hidester VPN has no dummy servers

Unlike some competitors who claim to offer a thousand servers in a hundred countries, but often have many fake servers, Hidester offers fewer servers, but real and in March.

If you connect to a server in a country, you can check that its IP address matches the local one. I have personally checked the Spanish server and those of other countries (USA, Great Britain and France).

Hidester VPN is very secure

The service only supports two protocols OpenVPN and CamoVPN. Compared to other services, it is a low number of protocols, and this could lead to mistakenly thinking of a low degree of security. In reality, the situation is very different.

OpenVPN it is the most secure security protocol available on the market at the moment, and together with a good encryption algorithm it fully secures our communications. OpenVPN is the only protocol Snowden says has not been compromised by the NSA.

CamoVPN is Hidester’s proprietary solution to bypassing censorship. The protocol is based on OpenVPN with obfuscation. Thanks to CamoVPN you can avoid firewalls.

Additionally, all exchanged data is encrypted with the secure 2048-bit AES-256-CBC TLS algorithm. AES 256 encryption is considered secure and is also used by governments and the military.

CamoWeb actually it is not a VPN protocol, but is in effect a attorney. It does not guarantee a high level of security, as it is designed to transmit and circumvent territorial blockades (How to use US Netflix outside the US or Spanish services abroad).

Both offered security protocols (OpenVPN and CamoVPN) are the latest when it comes to protecting user privacy. However, some advanced clients may like more options.

Hidester VPN works completely without logs

Servers often record data about who is connecting and what resources are requested; These data are called «logs» and if they are exploited they can allow reconstructing the network activity of an IP address and therefore of a person.

For this reason, those who create a VPN service generally choose countries where the law does not require them to maintain and retain data from user sessions. So to protect privacy, Hidester has chosen Hong Kong (which has no legislation on this) and has a very strict policy on user registrations. Not only does it not record the browsing data of any user on its servers, but also in the administration it tries to keep as little data as possible.

Hidester team employees are very sensitive to the issue of censorship and go out of their way to provide a service that also guarantees anonymity to political dissidents.

Hidester VPN is a great solution for sharing and streaming files

This is a great solution for those who frequently download and stream movies due to its high security and good performance. Our tests showed that the service works well to avoid judicial and geo-blocking and to filter operators against P2P. We have tested the service for a long time with satisfaction with both torrent and Acestream.

Even with the free IPTV listings (with free channels) we did not notice any problems and slowdowns.

Our tests showed that when using the service there are no DNS leaks, IP leaks, WebRTC leaks, or Torrent IP leaks. So, in fact, the original IP address is never in danger of being exposed.

This service, like most competitors, does not offer port forwarding, so in eMule you will get low ID. Fortunately, nowadays this method of sharing is not very popular so the queues are short and you can download without problems.

Offer a simple and efficient client

The Hidester client is one of the simplest I’ve tried and makes the service really accessible to everyone. A few clicks are enough to choose a server and connect. Finding the best server is simple: you can leave the task to the client (by clicking on Best location) or choose yourself based on the estimated speed.

In general, we recommend using the advanced version of the service client so that you can easily choose the security protocol and the server. To access the advanced options simply click on Advanced. The client also allows you to change servers without disconnecting and enable the option of Kill switch that allows you to prevent your IP address from being exposed in the event of a loss of connection to the service.

Given its simplicity, the app may not satisfy more advanced users who want more control over their VPN connection.

The Hidester client is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Dedicated assistance

Hidester VPN support is not the best on the market. The operators are prepared, they respond fast enough, but unfortunately no live chat available.

Other than that, the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, but the support, like most other VPN services, only works in English.

Hidester VPN is very competitively priced

The rates for this VPN are really affordable for a service of this level. The rate for a month is the lowest I have found, 8 $ (about € 6.80).

The monthly fee drops further with the semi-annual subscription to $ 36 ($ 6 per month) and with the annual subscription $ 60 ($ 5 per month).

If you want to try the service, you have the right to full refund within 3 days for monthly and semi-annual subscriptions, and within 7 days for annual subscriptions.

The service is very convenient because unlike some rival solutions, which allow the simultaneous use of 5 different devices (or people), but only with different protocols, Hidester allows 5 people to use the service at the same time with the same protocol (and therefore with maximum security). This makes this VPN one of the best to share with friends.


Things I liked:

  • pay attention to security, the proprietary CamoVPN protocol is really interesting;
  • the good number of servers available;
  • the strict no logs policy;
  • the absence of limits and limitations for P2P;
  • the possibility of having 5 devices connected simultaneously with the same protocol;
  • good transmission performance;
  • the low monthly cost.

I didn’t particularly like:

  • the absence of multiple security protocols;
  • the absence of multiple options in the client for more advanced users;
  • English only support and no live chat.

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