Lock a lost and stolen iPhone: how to do it effectively

Losing the availability of an iPhone, due to loss or theft, is a small tragedy: in addition to the economic damage that derives from the considerable cost of the device. In fact, there is the disturbing feeling of a privacy violation due to the exposure of messages, photos and documents stored on the phone that can be read by third parties. When this happens, know lock an iPhone It’s fundamental.

Let’s immediately start with one thing when it comes to locking a stolen iPhone. Apple, thanks to a series of strict operational options, makes a mobile device virtually unusable (be it an iPhone, an iPad or a laptop) without knowing the unlock code.

So if you fear that your device may be hacked and resold, you should know that the hypothesis is absolutely remote. The thief must also know the unlock code and password for your Apple account (Apple ID).

On the other hand, all the procedures for lock an iPhone remotely, except in the particular case in which the new network has been activated to locate it and you can actually get a contact, they also require that it be connected to the Internet, through Wi-Fi or data connection. Otherwise, the unfortunate situation arises where those who own the smart smartphone, even in good faith, will not be able to know the name of the owner, while the owner will not be able to access it remotely.

Lock an iPhone through iCloud

Your iPhone is usually linked to an Apple account that can be accessed through another Apple device or through a web browser. And one of the functions of the Apple account is to access cloud services, such as geolocation of devices.

To access it through the browser, go to the Apple website and click on the section to find an iPhone. After that, enter your username and password. You will also be prompted to enter a verification code which, under normal circumstances, would appear on your iPhone if you had it handy. Since this is not the case in case of theft or loss, Apple still allows you to access the “Find iPhone«. You can do it by simply clicking on the bottom left of the screen.

Find iPhone

Clicking on «Find iPhone», you will be redirected to a page that, after a while of waiting, will show you on a geographical map the location of all your Apple devices, represented by green dots. Once your iPhone has been identified, click on the corresponding point to display the control window and lock an iPhone.

In the window that appears in the upper right part of the web page, you will find some information about the lost device (time since the last contact and remaining battery) and some buttons, the first being the “Make it ring«. This causes the iPhone to make a sound (useful if you think you have lost it at home or in the car in silence.

Then there’s the «Lost Mode“Which is the most interesting. It will allow us specifically to communicate with those who find the iPhone and are positively willing to return it to us; Furthermore, when activating this mode, payment cards and other services associated with the device will be suspended. When you click the appropriate button, you will be prompted to set up a mobile number to allow those who find the iPhone to contact you. You can also choose to display a custom message on the mobile lock screen.

Once these operations are completed, the iPhone will continue to be protected by the same unlock code that you have always used to access it. In fact, it would not make sense to put another additional lock, since, without the code, the mobile remains unusable.

Lock an iPhone via «Where is»

The same locking operation can be done through another iOS device, using the “Where is«Which is pre-installed. If the device is associated with another Apple account, you will first need to sign out and sign in from the same account set up on the lost iPhone.

To do this, go to Settings and click on the username that appears at the top of the screen; then, in the corresponding tab that will open, scroll down until you find the “exit” item. At this point, you can log back in with a different Apple account and open the app to find the phone. You should be able to see the location of your device.

Initialize iPhone remotely

Next to the button that allows you to configure the “Lost mode“, There is also another that allows you to initialize the iPhone remotely. This extreme measure will erase all your data on your mobile, allowing you to block an iPhone. Obviously it should only be used if you are sure that you can no longer recover the device (for example because you are sure that it has been stolen).

What to do if an iPhone is stolen

An iPhone is an object like any other, so you can report it theft if you have proof that this has occurred. The procedure requires a police report made by the Local, National or Civil Guard Police, which will describe the circumstances of the robbery. Usually you must also give the serial number of the iPhone, which you will find printed as barcode on the original box or on the purchase invoice.

Unfortunately, although the direct connection through iCloud allows reconstructing the location of the iPhone to a good approximation, this information is hardly useful to recover the goods stolen by the police. You can also lock any smartphone via IMEI.

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