Kill Switch and Split Tunneling: this is how these functions are

We have talked a lot about VPN services. The structure of a VPN is always the same: there must be a client that encrypts all your traffic and routes your data through a tunnel to the server. To maintain anonymity, all Internet traffic for a user must be directed by the client to the tunnel and there must be no leakage. No unencrypted packet should reach the network bypassing the real IP address, which is why the Kill Switch feature is so important.

The importance of the Kill Switch feature and why to enable it

This option featured on many of the best VPN services and it is crucial, when the connection to the server is interrupted.

Many great services have very stable connections, but from time to time any connection can get dropped. If you continue browsing or transmitting and receiving data when the connection with the server is lost, generated traffic is no longer sent through the tunnel but it ends up clear on the network, showing your IP address and thus revealing your identity.

One solution is the function Kill Switch that blocks any data transmission to the network when the connection to a server is lost. You can understand well that it is better to activate the option and keep it active.

Attention: while the option is active, you will not be able to connect to the Internet when you are not connected to a server through VPN. So if you can’t navigate, don’t be alarmed. Open your VPN client and make sure you are connected to a server.

Enable the Kill Switch option in Express VPN

Express VPN is a service that is very attentive to the privacy and anonymity of its customers, so the option is activated by default (even if it has another name). You can verify its activation by opening the client and clicking on the menu button at the top right (characterized by three overlapping lines), then going to the item «Choices«. Finally, check “General«And the option»Block Internet traffic if the VPN inadvertently disconnects”.

What is split tunneling?

Often when we talk about Kill Switch, we also hear about Split Tunneling, but they are actually very different things.

Split Tunneling It is a very convenient technology that allows you to intercept the traffic of certain applications and send only that in the tunnel.

So thanks to the divided tunnel you can decide which apps will have to use the VPN and which ones are not. You can decide to use the VPN only for P2P applications like torrent or eMule and in the meantime, with the browser see something in AtresPlayer. Or connect to the US server with the Netflix client to access the entire catalog and decide what you want. In the meantime, you are accessing a site that has a territorial lock and is only available to us.

Habilite Split Tunneling en la VPN

In this paragraph we use ExpressVPN as an example, but all services that support Split Tunneling usually allow you to enable and manage it in the same way, as well as with Kill Switch.

The option is available and simply contact them in the service client, simply:

  • open it;
  • log in with your credentials;
  • On the main page, click the menu button at the top left of the interface;
  • click on the item «Choices“;
  • then in the «General«, Put the check mark next to the option»Manage the connection for each application.“;
  • then press the down key «Settings“;
  • finally choose the applications, which will be protected by the VPN or those that will be excluded;
  • then press the button with the “+“And add them;
  • confirm the selection by clicking on «OK«And then again»OK”In the main section.

VPN que ofrecen Kill Switch y Split Tunneling

Several of the VPN services we’ve come across offer the important option. Here are the best:

CyberGhost VPN

A high performance and security service at affordable costs. Obviously, it offers the two options described and much more.


If you are looking for a great service but at a lower cost than ExpressVPN, NordVPN could be for you. Aside from the Kill Switch, it offers great clients, lots of fast servers, and maximum security, all at an affordable cost.

VPN ZenMate

It is a highly appreciated service because it offers excellent performance and safety at a very low price, thus offering an enviable value for money.


This is an expensive service (taken for example in this article) but of an excellent level, very attentive to privacy and appreciated by many expert users. As you can see in the last paragraph, it offers the active option by default.

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