How to watch Internet TV with You TV Player APK Android?

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Surely many of us have looked for a way to watch Internet television from our Android mobile and we have not found the right app. Well, luckily for us, there are applications that can take care of this task, such as You TV Player. And in this way obtain access to the channels of our preference.

This Android application allows you to enjoy access to channels both national, What international, mediating the use of live streaming, through Internet. You TV Player has gained popularity among the Android community. That is why we will explain a quick and simple tutorial, to know how to watch Internet television on our mobile.

Steps to watch Internet TV with You TV Player APK Android

You TV Player is not on Google Play

Even if you search for it on Google Play, you will not find it. It may appear with the same name, from an app creator who wants to take advantage of the pull of its name. You will find it only on its official website.

How to configure You TV player to watch Internet TV on your mobile

The first thing we must do is download the app. Once we have installed the application we proceed to carry out the following steps:

  • We start the application and create a free account or log in to our Facebook account.

watch tv on your mobile

  • When we access for the first time, the application shows us a tutorial on how to use You TV Player. Also how we should configure it, so that all the channels appear.

you player Android

  • We pay attention to the tutorial, we slide to the right and the option to add will appear, then we click and write the following.

  • Then, when you click on the accept button, all the channels will appear ordered by theme.

Channels you tv player

You TV Player has very little lag, although this varies depending on our Internet connection. If we have Chrome Cast we can broadcast our content to a TV using You TV Player. In case they cut our cable. You TV Player also acts as player multimedia of the videos that we have on our phone.

As we can see, it is quite easy to configure the application. So we no longer have an excuse to watch Internet television and that program that we like so much anywhere. Now we can watch from countless channels, set reminders for new episodes of series that we like on our mobile. And all thanks to You TV Player. This application offers a function that we should not miss out on.

Leave your comment if this Android app has helped you to watch television on the Internet. Also if your mobile shows it well and with the channels of your preference.

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