how to video conference effectively

Few people knew of Zoom before the pandemic broke out, even though it has existed since 2011. Today, however, it is one of the web platforms for video conference most used in the world.

From owner-managers to teachers and distance learning, from business executives to small entrepreneurs – all, more or less, have used video conferencing on the same level as words like distancing and quarantine that entered everyday life.

And this is where the success of Zoom was born, which was in no time one of the favorite tools to organize video conferences in real time. The tool is very useful especially for those people who are forced to resort to audio and video calls during smart work.

As a result, many people have been forced to familiarize themselves with a service previously unknown to them: condos, students, employees, etc., each with mixed fortunes.
Therefore, we thought to prepare a clear guide for how to use Zoom for video conferencing to help you with your next online meeting.

How to sign up for Zoom

To start using Zoom, you must first register to the platform.
You can create a Zoom account for free; the account can be created through the website or you can download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app for mobile devices which is available for free in the Play Store for Android smartphones and in the App Store for iPhone.

These are the steps to register Zoom from PC:

  1. Visit Zoom official page;
  2. Click on «Accept and continue» and «To close» to accept the cookie policy;
  3. Enter your email address in the field «Enter your work email address» and select «Free registration»;
  4. Access the email address you just entered, open the message received from Zoom and click the button «Activate account».

To shoot Zoom with the app, just install Zoom, launch it, tap the item «Subscribe» and follow the guided registration by entering the required data.

Start a test session

A new screen will open shortly after where you will be guided to create and launch your own First date:

  1. Fill in the required fields and click «It’s still working» (step 1 «Account information»);
  2. Enter one or more email addresses of the users you would like to invite to the video conference (step 2 «Invite colleagues»);
  3. Copy the conference call invitation link next to «URL of the personal meeting» to share it with other people you want to attend the test meeting;
  4. Click on «Start the meeting now» to start the test video conference (step 3 «Test meeting»).

To create a meeting with Zoom

The steps to create a new video conference They don’t differ much from the ones just listed, but there are a few changes:

  1. Go to Zoom on the home page and log into your profile;
  2. Go to «Organize a reunion» and select if you want to start with «With video disabled», «With video enabled» or with «Only for screen sharing»;
  3. Wait for the meeting window to load, then click «Invitation» Bottom right;
  4. Press «Copy invitation» to copy the meeting ID and password associated with the video conference;
  5. To invite attendees, share the data you just retrieved with the person you want to invite to the streaming conference;
  6. Wait for you to attend the meeting

Important– The user you are sending the invitation to can join the video conference even if they don’t necessarily have a registered Zoom account. We will explain it better later.

Schedule a meeting

Instead of starting the meeting right away, you can decide plan it. To do this, go to «Schedule a meeting», select a title you want to assign («Theme»), set the date and time («When») and make sure the other settings are correct.
When you’re done, click «Keep» to confirm everything.

Note– The meeting ID and password are also available on the same page.

How to attend a meeting

These are the steps you must follow to attend a video conference with Zoom:

  1. Connect to Home Zoom;
  2. Click on «Go to a meeting» above;
  3. Enter the ID specified by the video conference host below «Meeting ID or name of personal link»;
  4. Press «Ahead» to continue;
  5. Enter the password you previously received in the field «Meeting password»;
  6. Click on «Connect» to attend the meeting.

Note: If you signed in before the meeting starts, you will see a black screen with the message «Wait for the host to start this meeting», with the name of the meeting below. After a while, a white screen appears showing the warning. «The meeting will start in a few seconds».

What can be done with Zoom

After looking at its basic features, here is a list of all the things you can do with Zoom free and paid in a video conference:

  • Mute (and unmute) the microphone: Click «Mute my sound» (microphone icon) to mute the microphone «Silence the sound of my sound» to reactivate it.
  • Turn off video: Click «Stop video» down left.
  • See all participants: Move your cursor to the top right and click the button next to the meeting time to see all other participants. During the meeting, by default, only the person who is currently speaking appears on the screen.
  • Share your screen: Click «Share» (the green rectangle icon with the up arrow) and select whether you want to share only the active window or the full screen.
  • Record the meeting locally: Choose «Record» bottom right and «Record on this computer» to start recording. Click to pause it “Romper”, interrupt it «Stop».
  • Activate the waiting room: up to «Meetings», Press the button «Edit» located next to the desired video conference, then scroll to «Opportunity meetings» and add a check mark next to «Activate the waiting room» («Activate waiting room»). It allows you to increase security when conducting your video conference by preventing strangers and attackers from entering the meeting without having received permission. The configuration is only valid for payment accounts.
  • Transcribe the sound: Add checkbox to audio transcripts option through cloud recording settings. This function, like the “waiting room”, is also available only for those who subscribe to a premium subscription.
  • Remove the 40 minute limit– The only way to automatically remove the 40 minute limit for each video conference is to sign up for a paid plan.

Zoom plans and pricing

We conclude our study by presenting a complete description of plans and prices by Zoom:

  • For free: Group meetings are limited to 40 minutes and a maximum of 100 participants in the free Zoom plan. No restrictions for single-participant meetings.
  • Pro – 139.90 euros per year: Unlimited group meetings of up to 100 participants with the option of adding up to 1,000 participants thanks to the Large Meeting, a function of 558 euros per year that allows increasing the number of people to include in a videoconference. Also, the Pro subscription allows you to have 1GB of cloud recording and streaming on social media.
  • Business – 189.90 euros per year: Unlimited group meetings with up to 300 participants with the opportunity to benefit from the Great Gathering. In addition, the images can be transcribed to the cloud.
  • Business – € 223.20 per year: Unlimited group meetings for up to 500 participants, unlimited cloud storage also available.


Our guide ends here. We hope we have helped you learn more about the service. Video conference zoom, so that you can use it in the future without any problem.

If you are looking for alternatives to Zoom, there are other similar platforms available to hold an online meeting, for example, you can try the Google Meet Functionality, make video conferences on Facebook with Messenger or try one of the best group video calling applications and use the one that best suits your needs.

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