How to regain access to your Google account

Do you want to access any of the google services but you don’t remember your password? This is a problem that may seem like a small thing, but it is quite important, since today we use our account for practically everything, especially if we use an Android mobile. But, fortunately, there are several methods with which we can regain access to our Google account.

In this Android tutorial, we are going to see some ways to regain access to our Gmail / Google account.

regain access to your Google account

Ways to regain access to your Google account

Recover Google account by phone number

The easiest way to regain access to your account is if the account is associated with a phone number. And it is that in this way you will have a way to verify that it is you much easier.

Although sometimes we are all a bit reluctant to give our phone number to outside services, in this case it is highly recommended, since if you lose your password or have some kind of problem, the solution will be quite simple. The only thing you will have to do is follow the steps that we indicate below, which as you can see are quite intuitive:

regain access to your Google account by phone number

  1. Enter the page of Password recovery de Google
  2. Enter the phone number that you have associated with your Google account
  3. Press the Next button
  4. You will receive on your mobile phone a code to recover your password
  5. Enter the code on the Google page
  6. Change the password and enter a new one

Using an alternate email

It is possible that instead of having given your phone number you have provided Google with a alternative email address. In this case, the steps to follow will also be very similar. As in the previous process, you will have to enter the Google password recovery page, but instead of the phone number enter the alternative email address that you have given at the time.

In that case, what you will receive will be an email in which you will be given the instructions to obtain a new password, so that you can regain access to your account.

What if I have not given an alternative access?

In this case, the process to regain access to your Google account is a bit more complicated, but it is not impossible. Enter your email address and answer the questions that will be asked. These may include the last password you remember or a personal question you entered when you created the account. Once verified that it is you, you will have access again.

Have you managed to recover your Google account? You can share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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