how to permanently delete an account

Telegram is WhatsApp’s biggest competitor. It is highly appreciated by users who are more attentive to privacy and in addition to sending messages, it has a series of very convenient functionalities, such as the presence of Bots (applications), groups and channels

Due to the presence of many advanced features, Telegram may be less intuitive and enjoyable for some than other instant messaging programs.

Therefore, some users may decide to delete their account., maybe after trying it and getting tired; In the rest of the article we will see how to do it in a simple and effective way.

Delete the Telegram account permanently

Here we are fully in the process of removing the user from the servers:

This is a one way trip– Deletion will permanently remove not only your username and mobile number from the service, but also all exchanged messages and multimedia files (photos, videos, audio). The groups and channels created will not be deleted, but will be orphaned and another user will become the administrator.

Warning! Once your account and associated data have been deleted, it will not be possible to recover any messages in any way.

Delete the account and create a new one with the same mobile number it is only possible after a few days using the Telegram applications (on a computer or mobile phones with Android and iOS) and, in any case, it does not eliminate the limitations and penalties if they are present and associated with the «old» account (caused, for example, due to spam on the platform).

If you don’t log into Telegram for a long period of time, you still run the risk of your account being deleted and deactivated. In fact, accounts are automatically deleted after 6 months of inactivity in which you have not logged in even once. In any case, in Telegram settings you can extend this limit up to 1 year.

The unsubscribe procedure

After providing this important preliminary information, we can proceed to the actual account deletion procedure:

  • Opens the page dedicated to the cancellation of the account (the deactivation page);
  • Insert in the field «Your mobile number ”The telephone number associated with our account preceded by the international prefix (in the case of Spain it is +34), then press the key «following“;
  • Then, through the application on mobile devices (or the web application), you will receive the verification code in the form of a message:
  • At this point, select the code and copy it (or write it) and in the new procedure screen paste the code in the text field «Confirmation code“:
  • Click on «Check in“.
    At this point, you’ve reached the actual delete screen, the point of no return: just click on the “Delete my account«. It is not necessary to write anything when they ask you why you are leaving.

The procedure is complete and your Telegram account has been effectively deleted.

If you go back in with the same mobile number, you won’t find any traces of old conversations and files. In addition, people who have our number in their address book will (again) receive the notice that we have registered for the service.

Recover a deleted Telegram account

It is possible to recover, or rather, re-register in Telegram after a few days and using the same mobile number. As seen in the frequently asked questions section and, as explained in this previous guide, it is not possible in any way to recover a deleted account and its messages and files. The procedure is absolutely definitive and irreversible.

Telegram’s policy based on maximum privacy requires that the company do not store user data on your servers after account deletion.

If any page or service suggests otherwise, we recommend that you do not follow the instructions because it could be a scam or a way to steal your personal data.

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