how to listen to music for free and without advertising

Spotify has become synonymous with music streaming in recent years and many people use the service to enjoy music. Today we’ll see how to listen song for free through Spotify Web.

Spotify has a practice web version from the music streaming service that works the same as the phone and tablet app or the desktop client. Except that, despite the mobile version, it has no limitations except for the presence of an ad from time to time.

Contrary to what other information portals report, ladvertising is also regularly present in the free web version; however, you can remove it and in this article we will see how.

How to use Spotify Web Player

Using the Spotify web player is really simple: the service is written in HTML5 and therefore has no compatibility issues with any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Edge).

To use the web player, simply go to and then click the «Login» button in the upper right. At this point, if you already have an account, you can log in with your service credentials or through your Facebook or Apple account.

If you don’t have an account, it will be easy to register for the service for free by clicking the «Register» button. Once registration is complete, you are ready to use the service.

Use of Spotify Web Player is immediate; Find the songs you like in the corresponding bar at the top of the interface. You can click on the heart that appears next to the name of the song that is playing to add it to the list of our favorite songs. Knowing our tastes, the service will give us daily playlists based on our favorite artists. In addition, you can prepare an automatic playlist with all the latest releases from the artists we listen to and like regularly.

Spotify, thanks to its smart playlists, is also a great way to discover other artists who make the music we love.

How to remove ads on Spotify Web

The first method is to subscribe to a Spotify Premium Subscription that for € 9.99 per month allows you to enjoy all the music without any limitation even in the mobile version.

If you do not want to subscribe but want to avoid advertising, you should use an ad blocker such as uBlock Origin. This extension available for Chrome and Firefox (and informally also for Edge and Opera) blocks advertising when you surf the net. Using this method is really simple and easy to install on your browser.

Once installed, the plugin will be activated automatically and you can go back to the service page (which should be reloaded / updated) and enjoy all music ad-free. Sometimes this method stops working for short periods and usually after the automatic update of the blocked ads list it works correctly again.

In any case, we do not recommend using this route because it removes revenue from Spotify and if everyone abuses it, this method could lead the company to permanently remove the free version of Spotify (and become, for example, Apple Music, which is a pay-only service).

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Add a desktop shortcut to Spotify Web Player

Spotify Web Player is easy to use, but less so than the client available on desktop computers. To have a similar experience, you can take advantage of the possibility of create shortcuts to the pages available in the main web browsers.

For Google Chrome for example, the procedure is very simple:

  • open the web player page
  • click on the Chrome menu icon, using the icon with the three overlapping dots
  • click on «Other tools» and then on «Add to desktop»
  • You can then choose what name to give the link and click the «Add» button.

The procedure is just as simple para Firefox:

  • open the web player page
  • resize the browser window to view the desktop
  • left click on the padlock next to the site name and hold and drag it to an empty area of ​​the desktop
  • at this point you will have a direct link to the page

Spotify Premium on other devices

It is also possible to have the full version of Spotify for Android mobile devices. It involves downloading and installing the Spotify Premium apk already modified to have the features of the paid version: ad-free music, unlimited song skipping, and more. However, if you choose to continue down this path, be aware that this is a “pirate” method that we speak of for informational purposes only.

For a fully functional and legal alternative on any device from the web player to the iOS and Android version, purchase a low-cost subscription to Spotify Premium.

Our article on how to use Spotify Web Player ad-free is over. If you are interested in other applications to listen to free music from smartphones, you can consult our article to listen to music on your mobile.

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