How to format the Samsung Galaxy S21 to factory mode? TUTORIAL

You need format the Samsung Galaxy S21? The S21 is one of the flagship smartphones that have gone on sale in recent months. But, as is often the case with any phone, it is possible that sometimes it does not work well at all, or we simply want to leave it as new to sell it or give it away.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Therefore, we are going to teach you the two different methods to reset the Samsung Galaxy S21 and return this mobile to factory mode, so it stays the same as when you took it out of the box.

How to format the Samsung Galaxy S21 to factory settings

Step one: back up

The moment you return your Samsung Galaxy S21 to factory settings, all the files and documents that you have saved in the phone’s memory will be erased.

Therefore, in the event that you have something inside that you think you may need later on, we strongly recommend that you back up all your information first.

Reset the Galasxy S21 to factory mode via menu

If your smartphone does not give you problems when it comes to handling the menus normally, the easiest way to return the Samsung Galaxy S21 is through the Settings menu. All Android phones have a function that allows you to factory reset the smartphone from its own settings, although sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find the key.

But all you have to do to get it is to follow the steps indicated below:

  1. From the main screen of your mobile, enter Settings
  2. Among the available options, click on General Administration
  3. In the menu that appears, enter Reset
  4. Press then Reset factory settings
  5. Press Reset again to start the erase process

Format Samsung Galaxy S21 using Recovery menu

Your Galaxy S21 is not working properly and you are not able to reach the Settings menu? You have no reason to worry. All you have to do is go through the process of formatting to factory settings through the Recovery menu.

It’s a bit more complicated, but nothing q:

  1. Turn off the phone
  2. Press the power and volume up buttons at the same time, and do not release until the Samsung logo appears
  3. In the menu that appears, go to Wipe data / Factory Reset. Use the volume buttons to move and the power button to confirm
  4. Click on Factory Data Reset
  5. Finally, select Reboot System Now and wait for the process to complete

Have you ever had to format your Samsung Galaxy S21 and want to tell us about your experience? At the bottom of this article you can find the comments section, where you can tell us what you need in this regard.

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