How to create an account in the Google Play Store app for free? ✅

How to create a Google Play Store account

Do you need to create a Google Play Store account? Mobile phones went from being used only to make calls and send messages, to being complex devices with different functions. With them we can perform countless tasks, both online and offline. But in order to take advantage of it, sometimes we have to download apps.

If we buy an Android mobile phone and turn it on for the first time, we realize that it is necessary to have an account on Google Play. And this is to be able to download all the applications that we want. Well, all of us who use Android have had to go through this process. If you don’t have one and you need to create an account from Google Play, we explain step by step how to do it and you will see that it is a simple task. Also in the event that you need an alternative Google Play Store account to your main one.

How to create a Google Play Store account? easy and simple

Create the account from the mobile phone

This process is for those who start with Android. Either because they come from iPhone or other mobile platforms. Also for those who have a personal Google Play account and want one for the professional field.

The first thing to do is:

  1. Go to the mobile settings.
  2. Once we enter the settings, we must look for an option that says » Other accounts » or » Accounts ». This will depend on the model and brand of phone we have.

create google play account

  • After having entered this option. Click on the add account button.

add Google play Store account

  • We select the Google logo, because it is the one that interests us, to create the Google Play account.

Google play create account

  • In the next step. We will see two options, log in with our email or create an account. We choose to create an account.
  • Now we are in the process of creating our Play Store account. The main thing is to place our Name and surname.

google play account data

  • We record our date of birth and gender.
  • What proceeds is to choose the name of our account. It should be noted that this must be available, it would look like the following example ‘’[email protected]’’

username play store account

  • After having chosen the name of our account, it asks us to create an alphanumeric password. This means that our password must have letters, numbers and symbols. An example,

play store account password

  • Yes we wish we can associate account to our phone number. What would help us in case of forget password.
  • To complete the process, what we must do is accept the terms and conditions, and that’s it. Google Play will ask us for payment methods, we will select the option that says ‘’No, Thank you» to ensure that our account will not receive payments.

If we do all the steps correctly. We will see that creating a Google Play account is very easy and simple. We can now download all the applications we want. We also have the possibility of register the account from the PC, on this link, if we want it.

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