how they work and how to deactivate them

Maybe not everyone knows it, but filtered searches are a standard behavior of the most used search engine in the world. Google has the function activated by default filter explicit content in the results of image searches for don’t go out the adult images in the results box.

Many users prefer that sites with adult content not be included in the search results (especially when their children use the same computer). Google’s SafeSearch feature searches for sexually explicit sites and removes them from search results. No filter is 100% accurate. However, SafeSearch manages to remove the most inappropriate content with its filtered searches.

The default is medium filtration level but it is possible to have a high level of filtration to remove links (in addition to images) from the results.

This is the way to temporarily and / or permanently remove the filter.

Delete filtered searches

If you have a Google account, you can remove the filter permanently by going to the page with preferences and then in the section SafeSearch Filter Choose «Don’t filter search results”To end them. If you don’t have an account, the settings must change every time to delete cookies or change browser / PC.

We will get the final solution to remove filtered searches in Firefox with its greasemonkey expansion (with AWESOME performance)

To disable SafeSearch Google forever is enough once the greasemonkey extension for Firefox is installed. You just have to install the script you will find here (just click on Install this script in the upper right corner).
You no longer need to change the preference settings and you will get all the results without filtering anything and without having a Google account.
Now you just have to enjoy all the power of Google without the annoying filtered searches.

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