Google Photos problems on Android and how to fix them

Google Photos problems and how to fix them

Google Photos is a gallery application, which comes pre-installed on your Android device. Store, edit, organize photos and videos using an intelligent system by Google.

But despite being the App of choice for many users, it also has some drawbacks.

That is why we will tell you what they are. If you are a Google Photos user, let’s do it.

Google Photos problems and how to fix them

Here are several Google Photos problems that can occur and how to fix them:

The application is not responding

It can happen that Google Photos refuses to start and even closes. It is enough to erase the data of the application as a way to restart, just by following these steps:

• Go into Settings and select Applications.
• Open Google photos and look for the option of Storage.
• Press Delete data with that, what is saved in the App will be deleted.
• Open the application again, make a backup copy and that’s it.

Clear Google Photos data

Google Photos can’t connect to the Internet

One of the best functions of the application is the backup or backup it makes of the images. When you take photos, they are quickly uploaded to the cloud, but for this you need to access the Internet.

Sometimes even though you are connected, the application acts as if it is not connected and does not do the backup. It is also seen in a message «Waiting for connection“.

• Open the application and press “waiting for connection”.
• Activate the backup and sync option.
• If you are using mobile data, enable mobile data backup.

Some photo was deleted by mistake

Google Photos has a trash where they are temporarily saved up to 60 days after being deleted. After that time, you will definitely lose them.

• Go into Google photos.
• Press the three horizontal lines (in the upper left).
• Open the Trash.
• Select the photo you want to recover and press Restore.

It will not work, if you deleted the photos from an application other than Google Photos.

Recycle Bin

Group the wrong faces

It recognizes the faces and groups the photos of each person it identifies. Although you can go wrong with a face and add those photos to someone else’s group of photos.

• Open the Albums section.
• Look for people and pets.
• Locate the group of photos of the person.
• Press the icon of the three vertical dots (Upper zone to the right).
• Delete the results.
• Pick the wrong photos.
• Accept the changes.

When finished, the photos are released and you can add an album where the person you want appears. This problem is common in similar people, twins or babies.

The application saves photos that I don’t need

Photos are synced and stored in Google photos. Save screenshots, images downloaded or received from WhatsApp that you do not want to keep.

Google Photos saves photos I don't need

• Enter the App.
• Press the three horizontal lines (located at the top).
• Look for Settings.
• Choose Backup copy from the device folders.

That way you only save the images you really need in an album. Despite these minor flaws, you can still enjoy how useful this app is for preserving your memories in photos.

Did you have any of these problems? Leave a comment below.

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