Drupe app contacts and phone, integrates calls, messages and social networks

Drupe app contactos

Do you know what the Drupe app is?. It is a solution at the fingertips, which all users can have, since there is a very common problem in smartphones. And it is that not all contacts have the same messaging application. And managing them is a headache.

Unless you are a very lucky person on this planet and all your contacts use the same application. Most of your contacts will use WhatsApp because it is the most used application worldwide. A small group will use Telegram and some fans of the stickers will use Line.

There are many options for instant messaging. But with Drupeapp, you can perfectly manage all your contacts. Drupe App pretends to have all the chat sessions of various applications of a user, to manage it.

In short, the Drupe app will provide you with a list of contacts on the left. And all the applications to contact them on the right. Therefore, if we want to call or write to someone, we have to drag that person to the app you want to use.

Drupe app contacts and phone, integrates calls, messages and social networks

We can see why it is an interesting application to download for your mobile.

What is the Drupe app?

We define it as a contact launcher that you will always have on your screen. There you will find some small circles, which you will have to press for Drupe to unfold.

Getting started will be a bit annoying and can sometimes lead to confusion. But after you get used to it, it’s a fundamental shortcut. And it is incredible, because it can be executed even if we have the screen locked.

A negative point is that you will have to get the idea that it is an application that runs in background like messenger bubbles. And it can consume your mobile battery. If you are one of those who value every last drop, it may be a problem for you. Drupe It is only available for Android, and it will probably stay on this platform forever.

Drupe contacts is an application that allows you to experiment. With things to change the way you relate to your mobile and applications. In it you can dial, record calls, send messages or you can see who is calling you. In addition, you will have a section to organize all your reminders.

Drupe app capturas

Download Drupe app for calls and messages

Most of the time we use our mobile to to call and to send messages. This app makes it a little easier to speed up the process. Remember that this application is totally free. It does not have invasive ads and it will not take up much space on your mobile.

Of course, at first it will be a bit complicated to understand. But as you use it, its interface will become easier for you. You can download in the following app box:

A recommendation that we make to you. And it is that you tell us how you are doing with the application in the comment box, below.

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