access all your sites and protect your history

Anyone who works in an office knows that they are not free to visit all sites or have other freedoms on the Internet using the corporate network, except if you use VPN for offices. Usually, institutional networks (and therefore beyond those of the company also university networks) monitor the network activities of the different teams to retaliate and even report crimes.

The control is so obvious that sometimes systems engineers, due to company policy, they block access to some sites. Websites such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube are blocked as they are considered detrimental to productivity.

If you are tired of being watched and want to protect your privacy or if you want to access blocked sites to watch your favorite series during a night shift without fear of repercussions, here is a guide on using VPN for offices that can really be Useful. .

A VPN can be an excellent solution because:

  • Apply encryption to all your traffic and tunnel it to the server. If you use a good VPN service, there is no way to track your identity, your business, and your location.
  • No system administrator of your company will be able to remotely control the sites you visit using the corporate network or the files you download.
  • No system administrator can prevent you from accessing the popular social networkssuch as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or sites used for streaming videos like Netflix, Infinity, Amazon Prime Video, and many other streaming services.

Which Office VPN Services Are Really Good?

In our experience, a good office VPN should have a few important features:

  • allow configuration and connection even without any client;
  • have many servers and secure connection protocols;
  • offer a continuous, reliable service that does not retain information user (nologs);
  • not limit traffic and speed so you can use it in all areas, both to download and to watch videos in real time.

In practice, only a few referenced VPN services offer all of these features. We have reviewed some pretty good ones:

  • CyberGhost VPN
  • NordVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Hidester
  • Surfshark

Other services that deserve an honorable mention are PrivateVPN and VPNArea.
We have also compiled a classification of lbest VPN for offices.

Why choose an office VPN service that works even without a client?

The answer is simple: it is not always possible in a system install programs without the authorization of the administrator of the system that manages the computer network. Therefore, a customer-only service would run the risk of being useless.

Not many people know that all modern operating systems already have the ability to manage a VPN connection. Taking advantage of this feature, it will be very difficult to be trapped and all network traffic (visits to any site, of any kind) made from the station will be encrypted.

Windows systems, for example, allow you to connect natively through various protocols: PPTP, SSTP, IKEv2, L2TP / IPsec. The same can be done over office VPN for macOS and Linux.

Every service worth its salt offers a great selection of guides; through these it is possible set up your workstation correctly. The guides are all in English but luckily they are packed with pictures that clearly detail each step.

With respect to NordVPN You can find the guides to configure the VPN for your system, directly in the NordVPN tutorial. The guides of IPVanish instead, you can find them in the IPVanish settings.

Hidester for Windows, it provides a convenient client that works directly without the need for administrator privileges and can therefore be more easily installed on company workstations. For this reason, it is also recommended within office VPNs. You can find it on the Hidester VPN No Admin page.

All paid VPN services offer a wait time. Our advice is to buy the service that best suits your needs and try to configure it by following the guides made available.

If you can’t, you can always get help from support; Usually the employees are very well trained and, in super basic English, they allow you to overcome any set-up problem.

If you can’t complete the VPN setup despite their support, you can also give up without worry as you only need to request a refund (within the trial period) to get your money back.

Obviously, things are even easier if you can install programs on your workstation and it has privileges Administrator. In this case, you can directly use your chosen office VPN client and be protected with just a few clicks.

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