7 steps « yes or yes » to configure your new Android completely.

configure your new android

Have you bought an Android phone recently? Here we bring 7 steps to configure your Android completely. The configuration is the key point in telephones and cell phones, one of the most important things. This is where we connect to the Internet, add our Google account, copy the data from the previous mobile and customize a new one in our style. Configuration is not only important, but also necessary.

Every time we have a new Android mobile phone, either because we have bought it or it has been given to us. We must take the time to configure it, to be able to use it comfortably. This is usually a bit boring. That is why we are going to point out a series of steps to make this process faster.

7 steps « yes or yes » to configure your new Android completely

Steps to set up a new Android

  1. Choose Android language

The first step that all manufacturers request is to choose the language, to operate our phone. We must be careful with our selection.

If by mistake we choose a language that we do not master, going back to the selection of our correct language will not be an easy task. Also selecting Spanish, for each country can be very important. So this step should not be left lightly.

set up your new Android

Later we can change the language of the Android keyboard. If you write in more than one language, this is going to be really useful.

  1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network

The next thing the system asks us to do is connect to a Wi-Fi network. It is not mandatory to continue with the process. But it is highly recommended that we use a Wi-Fi connection if we have one. Since in addition to facilitating downloads and updates, it would not generate additional cost of mobile data.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network will help us in the following steps when configuring your new Android.

  1. Add our Google account

We must link our phone with our Google account. If we already have a Google account, we must choose the option to access or use an account.

connect google account

This way we can synchronize our data from the previous device. If we do not have a Gmail account, we proceed to create it. You can get a Google account here.

  1. Update software, apps, and Android

There is the possibility that we have to update our device to have a mobile with an old version of Android. Ideally, Update it before you start using it.

To do this we go to Settings, then click on About the phone. Then we select software update and click download update in any case. If there is news in the Android version, it will show us and we can update. If not, it will inform us that we have the phone with the latest version installed.

  1. Customizing your Android

Once the phone is updated, we move on to one of the last steps. We can start personalize our smartphone in the style that we like the most. In this step, it is up to us to choose the animated wallpapers or the widgets and shortcuts.

  1. Application download

To be able to get the most out of our Android. We must start downloading applications on Google Play. If we skip step three, then it’s time to do it. Because otherwise we will not be able to obtain any of the applications that we want to download.

In the event that it shows you a pending download on Google Play, it will be time to fix it.

  1. Screen lock and security

We cannot leave our device unprotected. For that reason we must establish a screen lock. Choosing between a pattern, a password, fingerprints, face unlock or a pin. Everyone chooses according to their security preference. This would be helpful in the event that our mobile phone is stolen or lost.

choose Android screen lock

With all these steps we would have finished configuring our Android mobile, but basic form. Because even more adjustments can be made, for its configuration, if we want it. Already this of the first configuration, if we apply these steps it will be a quick and easy task.

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