▷ Free original Santo congratulations phrases for WhatsApp

Are you looking for original congratulations and give a free Happy Saint to send by WhatsApp or other messaging apps and social networks? One of the things that many people around the world do throughout the year is to celebrate the Saint. Perhaps we are not very creative with this to make phrases to congratulate the saint of a friend, family member or coworker.

Well, we have the solution, we are going with a list of the best original phrases that we can use to congratulate the Saint on WhatsApp, as well as other social media and messaging apps.

Free Santo congratulations

Original phrases to congratulate Santo on WhatsApp or other apps

We already saw at the time, apps, images and phrases to congratulate birthday on WhatsApp. These congratulations are greatly appreciated, Who doesn’t like to be remembered? Thanks to all the advances in technology, it is not necessary to escape, to congratulate our friends on their saint.

Now we can make it quick and easy by WhatsApp, with the Shipping of a simple message.

Examples of original Congratulations from Santo for WhatsApp for free

  • I hope you smile many times today … And enjoy every minute, happy day.
  • Your name is like that of many but you are a person like few … Congratulations on the day of your Saint!
  • The life of very good gifts, for example you, have a great day in your Saint!
  • For a simply charming person, Happy Day!
  • Congratulations! Angels protect you on your saint’s day.
  • Have a sunny day just like your soul.Your wishes come true! Happy saint!
  • Today I pronounce your name in its entirety and without diminutives. An important name as the person who wears it.

happy holy whatsapp free original

Happy saint for Whatsapp

Here you have another bunch of phrases of congratulations from saint to send by wasap:

  • Messages cannot always express a person’s true feelings. On your saint’s day I have the need to hug you, so that all the esteem and affection that I feel for you may be felt. Happy birthday!
  • A very special greeting on the day of your saint with all my heart
  • Congratulations on your Saint, have a good day and see if you have the opportunity to pay homage to yourself, you deserve it.
  • With all my love, I send you my best wishes for the saint’s day.
  • I accompany you on your saint’s day wishing you all the happiness in the world.
  • No matter how long it takes, this friendship never ends. Another day of your saint and one more day to celebrate.
  • With you I have cried, I have laughed, I have suffered and I have enjoyed. I would not change anything of what we have lived and I hope that we will experience many other things that today is a beautiful day to remember, dear friend.
  • Your birthday, your anniversary, your saint’s day, all those dates fill me with happiness because I see you smile. Happy day of your saint, friend.

happy holy whatsapp free

And more phrases to give the happy saint on WhatsApp:

  • You’re on my list of irreplaceable friends. Happy day of your Saint.
  • It’s hard to find the words to express how I feel about you. Our friendship grows stronger day by day. I wish you the best on the day of your Saint.
  • The days that I spend with you you always end up finding a way to surprise me with your sense of humor, thank you for giving me happiness, today on your saint’s day I want to wish you the best.
  • We spent many fun days together, but today we are going to enjoy twice as much, in the name of the saint who gave you your name.
  • Today is a special day and we will enjoy it together. What happens on the day of the Saint, remains on the day of the Saint.
  • With you there are always reasons to celebrate. Today is your saint’s day, we are going to misbehave.
  • You do not have much in common with the saints, but since it is the day of your name, many congratulations!
  • Honey, that you celebrate your Saint’s day surrounded by many blessings and loved ones.
  • I wish you on the day of your saint, health and long life. Happy saint!
  • Your beauty shines in the eyes of those close to you, and they love you. Best wishes on the day that bears your name.
  • You changed and sacrificed your life, to give birth to a dream, to raise a dream. And I am very happy mom knowing that I am your dream! Happy day to you in your Saint.
  • Your name is important, you know, because it shows the memory of a great Saint and you are his worthy heir.
  • I wish you a happy day of your saint, because you bear this name! May the saint you represent direct your path and tea of ​​the happiness you desire.
  • God give you everything you want because you deserve it. Serene days and health. Happy day of your saint.
  • You stayed by my side for days and nights, you dried my tears and chased away my sorrows, you gave light and directed my life and you did not rest from living so many years for me and at the same time as me. In my moments of despair, you were my hope. Thank you for leading my way like the mother of the baby Jesus.

Images to congratulate Father’s Day, Saint Joseph

Below you have a small gallery of images and photos to congratulate Father’s Day. Below the following 2 galleries, you can find a lot of phrases to express your congratulations on the day of the saint of your relatives. Graphic congratulations to the dads, they see that you do not forget them on their most important day of the year:

Images to congratulate Pepes, Pepas, José, Josefa on their day

We have a lot of original phrases to congratulate the saint, in this article and that you can find after the following image gallery. But then you have several images if you want to congratulate the saint graphically through a funny and original image.

Has any of the phrases for congratulations from Santo helped you for free to send WhatsApp and other apps?

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