Word Show, the game that will test your vocabulary

Are you a fan of word games? Then Word Show is a game that you cannot miss on your smartphone. It is the latest creation from the developers of other hugely popular games like Trivia Crack and Trivia Crack.

Now they come with a game in which you will have to demonstrate your vocabulary skills by deciphering hidden words.

Word Show, a new word game that will have everyone talking

More than 500 different levels

The mechanics of the game basically consist of connecting letters to form different words. A mechanic that a priori may seem simple, but as you progress through the game it will get more and more complicated.

But you can also get bonuses that will give you a little help in case you get a little stuck.

Word Show has more than 500 levels with crosswords, anagrams and word games. All of them have been specially designed so that you can enjoy hours of fun while putting your dictionary knowledge to the test.

In addition, you can play at your own pace. The game does not have a maximum time for you to complete the words, so you can think about them calmly. It also does not require an Internet connection. Therefore, it is an ideal game to play at any time, both on boring afternoons at home and when you are waiting for the bus.

Panchito, the cute game mascot

Word Show has an aesthetic that is quite reminiscent of television shows. And as in any contest, there has to be a presenter.

In this case it is Panchito, a cute little dog that acts as a pet and host of the game. He will be in charge of guiding you through the different levels of the game, and giving you the instructions you need to advance in the game.

In general, the idea of ​​this game is to be both fun and educational. In this way, you can both improve your vocabulary and demonstrate your knowledge and have fun with aesthetics and mechanics that can get you quite hooked.

Descargar Word Show

Word Show is a totally free game. You can make in-app purchases to move forward faster, but you don’t need to pay anything to make it really fun. All you need is to have a mobile that has Android 5.0 or higher.

If you want to start playing, all you have to do is download it from the following link:

Have you played Word Show and want to tell us your opinion about it? Do you know any other word games that might be interesting? We invite you to tell us in the comments section that you can find at the bottom of the page.

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