Offroad Jeep Simulator – get to know the sensations of driving a jeep

Now that we can barely get out of the house, many of us miss the feeling of being on the road taking long trips. And even if it is not the same, you can relive part of that feeling with the game Offroad Jeep Simulator.

offroad jeep simulator

This is a jeep driving simulator with which you can go through different natural landscapes. Both the landscapes and the driving process are quite realistic, so this is a game that lovers of the road will love.

Live the driving sensations with Offroad Jeep Simulator

Crisp, realistic landscapes

The first thing that will catch your attention when you open this Android game is the quality of the landscapes. In details such as water or land you will see the care with which this game has been developed. Sometimes you will have the feeling of watching a video rather than a game.

In addition, the possibility of passing through dozens of different landscapes is very interesting. Thus, you can drive on the beach, in the mountains, in the countryside or on secondary roads. The possibilities are quite wide, so it is unlikely that you will end up getting bored with this game.

All those trips that you would have loved to be able to do at this time but that you have not been able to because of the pandemic, you can simulate them at the controls of the wheel.

Realistic interiors

If landscapes will make it look like you are actually driving, the vehicle interior it is not far behind either. In the car you can find all the details, from the dashboard or the odometer. And the driving process is very similar to what you will find in reality, since the game is operated with the steering wheel, pedal and other controls of a car.

Driving a car in Offroad Jeep Simulator is very similar to driving in real life. If you still do not have a driving license, you can see these apps to get your driving license. Apps to get your driving license. This game is essential for you.

Download Offroad Jeep Simulator for Android

Offroad Jeep Simulator is a totally free game. All you need to do is make sure your smartphone has Android 5.0 or higher, which shouldn’t be a problem unless you have a very old phone. You don’t have to have too much free space either, since this game only occupies 7.6M, so it is not too heavy.

If you want to join the more than 100,000 people who have already tried this game, you will simply have to download it at the following link:

Have you tried this game? What have been your impressions about it? Do you know other driving games that may be interesting? We invite you to tell us what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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