Ninja´s Creed, a shooting game with impressive graphics

Do you like shooting games, but also want a bit of an argument? Then Ninja’s Creed is exactly what you are looking for. This is a game in which you will have to carry out assassination missions with ninja weapons, eliminating criminals to end once and for all all the evil that stalks the fictional city.

All this in three dimensions and with a graphic quality impressive, that will take you to a whole new universe.

Ninja´s Creed, these are its characteristics

Fulfill your missions

In the game you will play a ninja who has a main mission: to end all the crime that is in the city. But for this he will have to murder the people who can commit them. And to get to assassinate the evildoers who stalk your neighbors you will have to follow objectives and interrupt clandestine meetings, until you end up carrying out the murders. This way you will be able to protect the citizens and even get to govern regions, obtaining rewards for each completed mission.

Point and shoot

Once you have your targets in sight, it’s time to shoot. For this you will have at your disposal a wide variety of weapons at your disposal. You will be able to accumulate bows and arrows, crossbows, hidden weapons and much more. In this way, you will have at your disposal in Ninja´s Creed the ability to select the weapon that best suits what you need.

ninja´s creed

When it comes to shooting, the process is similar to that of all shooting games. You will only have to aim at your target and try to get it right. But depending on the weapon you have chosen, the process will be a little different, so you will have to take it into account.

Awesome graphics

One of the most interesting points of Ninja’s Creed is its graphics. This game is designed completely in three dimensions, offering in this way an impressive realism, which will make you feel like you are a real ninja.

Maps and the ability to see your shots slow motion are other of the points that contribute an important realism to this game.

Ninja´s Creed is a totally free game, although you also have at your disposal the possibility of making in-app purchases to obtain additional advantages. Although it has only been on the market for a short time, it has already accumulated more than a million downloads. If you want to be the next to join this game, you will have to download it at the following link:

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