Magic Cat Academy, Google’s game for Halloween 2016, playable in 2021

On numerous special occasions, Google launches doodles that allow us to access different information or even games. One of the most mythical in recent years was Magic Cat Academy, a doodle he released on the occasion of Halloween in 2016.

magic cat academy

But what many users do not know is that many of these doodles are available months and even years later. In fact, you still have this popular Halloween game at your disposal that you can keep playing.

Magic Cat Academy, you can still play this game from 2016

What is and how to play Magic Cat Academy?

Magic Cat Academy is a game that Google published on the occasion of Halloween in 2016 and that can still be played in 2021. The game is more basic than the mechanism of a pacifier, we will have a cat, which has to defend itself from the ghosts that besiege it , by symbols written on the screen by us. Symbols such as “- | > <”Among others. At first it seems easy but then things get tense as the ghosts bring more complex codes to write on the screen.

It looks simple, but it hooks.

To play Magic Cat Academy you will have to enter the following link and press the Play button. Next you will see how the main cat has a magic wand, and is in a room where ghosts do not stop appearing. To be the winner of the game, you will have to make as many ghosts as possible disappear.

And how can I kill the ghosts? Well, above each of them you will see how a symbol appears, which can range from a line to a figure. You can eliminate the ghost by drawing that same figure anywhere on the board. Once you have managed to kill all the ghosts, you can say that you have totally beaten the game.

How to access other old doodle?

Besides Magic Cat Academy, there are also many other cool doodles that you can check out again. To do this, you will simply have to access the Google doodles file. When you enter the main page of this file, you will be able to see how the latest doodles that have been published appear, in reverse chronological order. That is, in the first positions you will be able to find the most recent ones, while if you advance you will find older ones.

If you can’t find the doodle you like, you can always use the seeker that you will find at the top of the file, in which you can enter any keyword that helps you find what you are looking for. You’ll also find some highlights at the top of the page. Once you have located the one you are looking for, you will only have to click on it and you will be able to access the same action as when you found it in the search engine.

Remember that some of them are games and interactive elements, while others simply lead us to specific information.

Other Google Doodles to Play

Magic Cat Academy is by no means the only doodle with a game that Google has launched in recent years. Other very interesting ones also stand out, such as the Pac-Man that was published in May 2021. On the occasion of the London Olympics in 2012, a very funny game also came out, based on sports played in the Olympics.

For music lovers, undoubtedly one of the most interesting is the Les Pauls guitar, which allowed you to play with your computer or smartphone.

What do you think of the possibility of playing Magic cat academy and other Google doodles? We invite you to tell us in the comments section and tell us which one is yours and your highest score with the magician cat.

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