Coin Master: mistakes you make when you play

coin master

Coin Master It is one of the most popular games that we can find in recent months. And you have probably already hooked and become a true expert. However, you may also find yourself in the situation that you do not achieve all the achievements that you would have hoped for with the number of hours you put into it. If this happens to you, you may be making some big mistakes. In this article, we are going to tell you about the 5 most common mistakes we make when we play this game, so that you can learn to avoid them and succeed in it.

Don’t take advantage of invitations

Coin Master gives you the opportunity to invite friends that you have on Facebook or Facebook Messenger. However, many times we decide not to use this option so as not to disturb our contacts. However, by inviting friends we will get bonuses such as spins or coins, which can come in handy if we want to advance in the game.

Of course simply sending the invitations is not enough. In order for you to receive your reward, it is also necessary that the person to whom you sent it decides to accept them. Therefore, it is not worth dedicating yourself to send links to the game like crazy.

However, if you know that one of your friends might be interested in trying Coin Master, it may be a good option to send you an invite link to enter the game from it and not by registering directly on the platform.

Play without a goal

When we play Coin Master for fun, we tend to do nothing more than spin the wheel and build our village. This is fine when you just want to hang out. But if what you are looking for is to win and advance as much as possible, it is necessary that set a goal. If not, it is easy for you to end up getting lost in the details without reaching anything concrete.

One of the most “tangible” goals that we can set when we play Coin Master is get as many cards as possible. The cards are rewards that we can find from level 3 of the game. When you finish a collection of cards you will get additional spins. Therefore, if you focus on that goal, it is easy for you to achieve what you want.

Play as guest

Coin Master offers you the possibility of play as guest without having to register or link your account with your Facebook profile. This is great when you just want to explore the game a bit and see if it suits what you’re looking for. But the moment you want to advance a little more, it is highly recommended that you join your account with Facebook.

To begin with, playing as a guest you can save your progress, but the moment you change your mobile or want to play from another device, you will have lost all your progress. What’s more, you won’t be able to play with your friends eitherInstead, you can only play with random bots and people, which undoubtedly makes the in-game experience much less fun. You will also not have the free spins for invitations that we have talked about in previous sections.

Not be constant

Can you play Coin Master for just a little while now and then? As power yes, of course you can. But it is not recommended if your idea is not simply to hang out but become an expert in this popular game.

Consistency is undoubtedly the most important trick when you want to advance as far as possible in this game. For example, if you go too long without entering, you will see how your village is left unprotected. Therefore, we recommend that you try to play every day, or at least open it to see how it goes. If you have little time to dedicate to it, it is also interesting that you know that you will advance much more if you enter several times throughout the day during a short period of time than if you enter only once and dedicate a long time. Several short runs give better results.

Don’t use the 50 spins trick

As we have said before, by inviting friends we get free spins. So there is a trick that may seem like a bit of foul play, but it is very effective. This trick consists of create fake accounts on Facebook to «self-invite» and get free spins.

With this trick, you will be able to get up to 50 additional spins. It is true that you will have to dedicate some time to it, since you will have to first create the email accounts and later the Facebook profiles with them. But if you want to win and advance in the game at all costs, it is probably the easiest option you have at your disposal.

What tricks do you use to succeed in Coin Master? We invite you to tell us in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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