5 Android music games that will bring out the artist in you

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If there is something that almost all human beings agree on, it is that we are all excited about music. There is practically no one who has not been excited listening to his favorite song.

And therefore it is not surprising that in the Google Play Store we can find a wide variety of musical games. In this post we have selected the most interesting ones so that you can enjoy while developing your hearing.

The best music games for Android

Magic Tiles 3

It is one of the most popular music games on the Play Store. Its mechanics consist in that you click on the different notes to create melodies. You can use just the piano or a band with different instruments.

And it has pop songs that are continually updated.

Rock Hero 2

The idea of ​​this game is similar to that of the famous Guitar Hero, one of the most popular music games of all time. On the screen you will see a guitar simulator, in which the notes of the song you are playing will be marked. Your mission will consist of playing them as accurately as possible, so that you form your favorite songs. You can even play using songs from your device with Local Mode.

SongPop 2

Are you the typical one who knows all the songs that are played on the radio? Then this game is designed for you. It has thousands of sound clips for you to guess the song or the artist.

It has songs from all eras. Of course, only some of them are free. If you want to increase the repertoire, you will have no choice but to pay.

Just Dance Now

In our selection of musical games, we could not miss what is probably the most popular dance game. You can dance to your favorite songs by following choreographies simply by tapping the phone. You will be able to play the group, so that it is an ideal entertainment for parties with your friends.

Game of songs, selection of musical games

In this case, we are not only with one game, but with a selection of several. In this way, to have many titles at your disposal you will only need one app.

Games like Magic Tiles 3, Dancing Road or Paint Hop are integrated into this application. Therefore, if you are interested in playing all of them, it will not be necessary to download them one by one. Just downloading Game of Songs will have them all at your fingertips. It is probably the best option for those who want to try games until they find the one they like the most.

Do you know other musical games that may be interesting? We invite you to tell us in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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