what it is and how to use it correctly

If you recently heard about WhatsApp Business, you may want learn more about what it is and how it works. If you have a business in which you have to communicate often with numerous clients, probably using this application can help you speed up and lighten your work.

Today we will try to explain, in the simplest way possible, everything you need to know about the «business» version of WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business it a free app designed for small business owners, available for Android and iPhone smartphones. In fact, this is the professional version of the famous messaging app, bought by Mark Zuckerberg in 2014.

To confirm its close link with WhatsApp Messenger there is a user experience very similar to the “twin” application, if we can call it that. Of course, there are some differences.

The first difference, which immediately catches your eye, is in the profile card: if the correct name, photograph and status appear in the normal version, in the «professional» version we will find a more complete real profile of the activity with address, email and website.

Another difference is the implementation of automatic responses, functionality absent in WhatsApp Messenger. This tool allows owners to respond to their customers even when they cannot do so, because they are far from mobile or perhaps they are participating in a business meeting.

A third innovation brought to WhatsApp Business is the simplified chat management via tags. You can create a maximum of twenty and, from them, you can create a broadcast list if you want. In this case, the message is delivered to all chats marked with the selected tag at the beginning.

Before continuing, let’s make a little note: It is not possible to use for Whatsapp Business and WhatsApp Messenger with the same number of mobile. However, this does not mean that you have to change the number, or worse, buy a new SIM card to use it. In fact, you can always choose to convert the already active account and then switch to the classic version at any time.

Important: WhatsApp Business also works with a landline number. If a fixed number is associated with the new account, for verification it will be enough to receive a phone call instead of an SMS.

How WhatsApp Business works

And now, as promised, we will illustrate step by step how WhatsApp Business works: from download to initial configuration, as well as using the most useful functions of the application.

Download WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp Business application is available to download in the Google Play Store for Android devices and in the App Store for Apple devices. In addition to the traditional version, the one designed for VAT holders is also free.

Be careful not to confuse the icons of the two “twin” applications: WhatsApp Messenger has the image of a mobile terminal on the green background, WhatsApp Business has the capital letter “B” instead.

Initial profile settings

Once the automatic installation of the application is complete, you can continue with the initial configuration:

  1. Read the terms of service and the privacy policy and accept them;
  2. choose the country to which it belongs, then add the international prefix and your mobile terminal number;
  3. accepts to receive the 6-digit code with which to complete the registration of the mobile terminal;
  4. choose whether or not to give consent to access contacts and photos;
  5. write the name of the company you own, add a category and select the profile picture;
  6. play «To explore«and go to»Job profile«. From where you can add useful information about your company, such as the opening and closing hours, the description of the activity carried out, the website and the email address.

Automatic message creation

As mentioned at the beginning, the automatic responses they are one of the most useful functions of WhatsApp Business.
The application offers three types of messages:

  • welcome;
  • absence;
  • quickly answers.

These are the steps to configure them:

Welcome messages

  • play «Other options«(The three-dot icon), then»Activity tools» and «Welcome message“;
  • move the lever from left to right next to “Send welcome message”To activate it;
  • tap the message to edit it to your liking;
  • Choose «Recipients«And choose from the available options:» All“,”All those who are not in the contact book“,”All except“,”Send only to“;
  • tap on «save» to store the changes made.

Absence messages

  • touch «Other options«(The three-dot icon), then on»Activity tools» and «Absent message“;
  • move the lever from left to right next to the item “Send an absent message”To activate the option;
  • tap on the «ccalendar«And choose the available shipping options:»Always send“,”Custom schedule“,”Outside opening hours“;
  • Choose «Recipients«And, as before, choose one of the options proposed by the application:»All“,”All those who are not in the contact book“,”All except“,”Send only to“;
  • touch «save» to make changes.

Quickly answers

Follow these simple steps to create quick responses and WhatsApp Business:

  • tap on «Other options«(The three-dot icon), then in»Activity tools» and «Quickly answers“;
  • play «add“(The + icon);
  • write a text message for a quick reply;
  • set your preferred keyboard shortcut;
  • select a keyword to find the quick answer faster;
  • click on «save» to save the changes.

To use quick responses:

  • open a chat;
  • writes «/And to have a link to one of the quick answers previously saved;
  • choose one of the quick replies available, then decide if you want to modify the message further;
  • tap on «To send”(The white message icon on a green background) to send the reply;

Important: you can’t use emojis.

How to use labels

Now we have to explain the use of labels and WhatsApp Business to organize chats and messages. First, to apply a tag, long press on a chat or message, then select the item «Label”And choose whether to associate an already available label or to create a new one.

Then, if you want to find the contents linked to a certain tag, go to the chat screen, tap “Other options«(The three-dot icon), then»Labels » and choose one.

The tag management includes the following actions:

  • Edit tag“: Allows you to assign a different name to the label in question;
  • Choose color“: You can add a color to the label;
  • Remove label“: Use this option if you want to remove a tag;
  • Send messages to customers«: Allows you to create a new message.

About broadcast lists, here you will learn how to create one from tags:

  • opens WhatsApp Business;
  • touch «Other options«(The three-dot icon), then»Labels“;
  • choose the tag from which you want to create a broadcast list;
  • tap on «Other options«(The three-dot icon) and select»Send messages to customers“;
  • tap the green check mark at the bottom right to start typing your message.


And with that really is all, we hope we have answered your curiosities about the use WhatsApp Business to make it a useful tool for the company it manages.

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