What is the SPFlash Tool and what can we use it for?

SpFlash tool

SpFlash Tool is a program for Windows or Linux, used to flash any Android phone that has a low-level MediaTek processor. When we say that it is from low levelHim, it’s because he performs a flashing deeper. Surely you wonder what a flashing is, because it is nothing more than a process used to repair, update and modify the software of a mobile.

This program has two parts: preolader.bin. What is the program that is used in a cold start. And the Windows driver which is the necessary part for the DL / DA protocol, which runs SpFlash Tool. Both fundamentals. This tool allows us read, erase or write to any of your partitions, just connecting our mobile to a PC.

What is the SPFlash Tool and what can we use it for?

What happens and where to download SPFlash Tool?

We could say that SpFlash Tool is like the Odin tool. The first is used to flash a Chinese mobile normally, since most have Mediatek processors. The second is to flash a Samsung mobile.

Using this tool we can:

  • Restore a phone from a backup.
  • Clear memory.
  • Delete part of the memory to our selection.
  • Flash a mobile with Firmware files.
  • Make backup copies, correct possible errors and install a new ROM.

descargar SPFlash Tool

As we can see, it is a tool with various functions. But in order for us to use the SPFlash Tool we must follow a series of steps, so that the program works correctly. The main thing is to install the drivers preloadego to MTK, that work with the phone or cell phone turned off. Followed by this we make a backup. Then we can use these tools without problems.

Errors that may appear

The most well-known error when working with the SPFlash Tool is that the system does not recognize our mobile phone. This is due to a bad installation of the drivers. That is why we must take into account the following, because it is the most common problem, although it is nothing that we cannot solve.

mediatek SPFlash Tool

The best way to avoid this little problem with the drivers is to install USBDeview. It is a free application. This allows us to see all the drivers installed on our mobile device through a computer or PC. It is recommended that we uninstall all Mediatek drivers and install them again, when this problem appears. The rest of the errors we can identify them with SPFlash Tool.

Descargar SP Flashtool | Official website

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