What can and cannot be done with WhatsApp web?

What can and cannot be done with WhatsApp for web?

WhatsApp pc is here butthat we can do And why not? with the version for web, from the popular app Android instant messaging. A few days ago we explained how to install this tool on your laptop or in the PC and today we want to analyze its advantages and shortcomings.

Without a doubt, it gives us many advantage to all users, but instead still has quite a few aspects by to get better. You we explain below what you can do and what not, with an application today essential for communication between friends, family, professionals, etc.

Advantages of using WhatsApp web


An immediate advantage is that you can type using the computer keyboard. Although many of you will have great speed with the keys of your Smartphone or Tablet, the possibility of using the conventional keyboard to hold conversations is very practical. If your speed is on the PC keyboard of a lifetime … you will win.

Share photos from your computer

WhatsApp web allows you to upload image files in various formats (jpg, gif, png…) to a conversation with which you can send images stored on your hard drive, very quickly and easily.

What can and cannot be done with WhatsApp for web?

Just open the top menu and select the ‘Send image’ icon.

Share videos from your computer

Through the same button, you can share in a conversation, a video that for example is in a standard format such as mp4.

Take pictures

The next button is used to send a photograph from your webcam. Comfortable and effective.

What can and cannot be done with WhatsApp for web?

Download images or videos

In the same way that we can share our images and videos, it is possible to download these to the computer. We will do an image from the download button, when viewing it an icon appears simulating an arrow, in the upper right part of the browser.

What can and cannot be done with WhatsApp for web?

To download the video, simply click with the right mouse button on the video and select ‘Save video as …’ And finally we choose the path of the folder, to save it within our computer.

What can and cannot be done with WhatsApp for web?

What can we not do yet with the WhatsApp web version?

Change the name, status, or photo of the contact or group

At the moment, as of 01-28-2015 we cannot modify our name or status, nor that of a group in which we are (even) administrators or the image that identifies the contact or group.

Create groups

It is also not possible to create new groups. On the other hand, we can talk in them, with other people or initiate chats with users of our agenda, which we did not have open.

What can and cannot be done with WhatsApp for web?

Add members to a group

If we can’t create groups, hopefully we won’t be able to add members to them either. Although we can see the information of each user of our contacts, there is still no possibility to add them to chats in progress.

Mute a group or person

More than once we choose to silence a person (and especially a group) because of their incessant activity or because of the place where we are, which we do not want to be disturbed. At the moment the web version does not allow us to carry out this action, but it does make the decisions to silence that we have applied on the Smartphone or Tablet.

Attach files that are not photos or videos

It would be very practical to send a text document, a spreadsheet, a PDF that was on our computer … but we still can’t let WhatsApp people take note !!

Share location or contacts

These two options are also not available. We will not be able to attach a contact to another person, nor our referenced location.

Customize the app

While WhatsApp mobile allows you to change the type of text or the background of the window, the web version is not configurable. For now, we have to continue with the format created.

Remember, if you turn off your mobile, you turn off WhatsApp web

And finally, we remind you of a detail in response to a question that many of you have asked us. If you turn off your mobile, your WhatsApp web application will stop working. Keep in mind that the connection of the web application is made between the phone and the web client.

One tip, use it with WiFi enabled

Be careful with what we told you before, the type of connection implies that you consume data, so we recommend that you use the web version with WiFi on your phone or tablet connected to the ADSL of your home or office. Not because it is via the web, it is data that you consume from the ADSL that reaches your PC or laptop.

What do you think of these advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp web? What do you think they should improve first? Leave us your opinion in a comment, in the text box below these lines.

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