Watch out! WhatsApp is blocking users who use WhatsApp Plus

Watch out!  WhatsApp is blocking users who use WhatsApp Plus

Do you use WhatsApp Plus? Be careful! WhatsApp can temporarily block your bill if it detects that you are using this unofficial application, which adds a series of extra functionalities to the usual service of the popular instant messaging app.

Son Many the cases that are taking place in the last days and for this reason we want to alert you. Everything is based on the policy of use that the application itself indicates to its users, in such a way that if it is breached, you can be left out of WhatsApp. It may be too much of a punishment … but it’s happening to hundreds of people lately.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

This application is an improvement over the official version of WhatsApp. Offers various extra options at the service of the popular instant messaging app.

Watch out!  WhatsApp is blocking users who use WhatsApp Plus

For example: you can choose more themes and color palettes as backgrounds, use new emoticons (including those from Google Hangouts), or customize your regular conversations with contacts and groups with different preferences.

However, to install WhatsApp Plus, you must have previously installed the official version of WhatsApp.

It is not an ‘authorized’ version

The problem is that WhatsApp Plus is not an authorized version of WhatsaApp and the US company, owned by Facebook, is temporarily blocking users who use Plus, alluding to a theme of security.

As they tell us from their Frequently Asked Questions section, the use of this version can put in risk your personal information and private saved on your Smartphone or Tablet.

If you are blocked: uninstall the application

The original WhatsApp website warns: «Using WhatsApp Plus can put personal and private data on your mobile phone at risk. WhatsApp Plus may share your information with third-party applications without your knowledge or permission. You must uninstall this application and download an authorized version of WhatsApp, from our website or from Google Play. Then you can use WhatsApp“.

Watch out!  WhatsApp is blocking users who use WhatsApp Plus

If not, you may see a message like this …

A 24 hour lock

Fortunately, if you uninstall WhatsApp Plus, the blockade that the official application subjects you to only lasts 24 hours and once that time has passed, you will be able to use the service normally again.

An excessive measure?

There are those who argue that WhatsApp abuses its dominant power to carry out this task and that its users only use the official application. But the truth is that there are known cases of users who have seen how they have been made public photos, contacts, conversations, data … contained in their terminals, surely related to the use of WhatsApp Plus.

So, it is not worth having this unofficial version, what do you think? Do you think it is an excessive or normal measure? Have you used WhatsApp Plus? Has your service been blocked these days? You can tell us about your experience in our Android Forum or at the bottom of this news, in a comment.

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