Translator, an indispensable application on your device

Translator, an indispensable application on your device

Translator is an application indispensable in you android device. As its name suggests, it is a tool created to translate all kinds of texts to the most widespread and important Languages of the world, even with the option of voice.

With a very simple operating mode, this application is available in a free on Google Play, It will make it easier for you to browse websites in languages ​​you don’t understand or to communicate with other people. We tell you more details about Translator next.

Translator, an indispensable application on your device

You will need a Translator at any time

Among those applications that we must always have on our Android phone or tablet should be Translator. Situations can be very diverse, browse by Internet, for translate what others persons tell us or we want to comment, to understand some text, cartel, information … that we see on the street, in a language that we do not understand …

So much in life personal What professional, the need to communicate in other languages ​​or understand texts and information to perform daily tasks or job.

Translator, an indispensable application on your device

Very simple operation

Translator is not only practical because it helps us understand other languages, but also because of its simple operation: we just have to write the text, choose the source and target languages, press the ‘button.TRANSLATE‘and read the result. And another very important facet, this tool is capable of performing its function in more than 40 languages, among which are the most talked about on the entire planet.

As if that were not enough, the application incorporates the translation by direct voice. Imagine the situation where you need to know and understand what someone is saying to you. Translator is able to capture those words by pressing the voice button, record the speech and then obtain the text in the language we want.

One function that emerges from this tool is that if we have a text and we want to know how it is pronounced in another language, we can also do it. An enjoyable way to learn or improve the language in another language.

Finally, the application has the option to share in the social networks the texts or sounds that need to be translated, as well as a direct tool to send the translation by email.

If you have any doubts about how it works, in this video you can see how simple the Translator works:


Free and without advertising

Translator is also a free tool (through Google Play) and it does not show advertising. It has a good acceptance among users of the Google store, with more than 2,900 votes, receiving a score of 4.4 stars out of 5.

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What do you think of this application to translate into other languages? without a doubt of great help in those moments where we do not know what such a poster or someone with whom we speak means. If you have tried it, you can leave your comment at the bottom of the page or in our Android Applications Forum.

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