Top 5 apps to rotate or rotate videos on Android?

rotate videos on Android

Are you looking for apps to rotate videos on Android? Surely you have ever shot a video in the wrong orientation. And have you thought that a tool that would allow you rotate videos and spinning them would be an excellent idea.

Fortunately, this idea is already thought of. In the Google Play Store we can find a wide variety of apps that allow you to change the orientation and rotate videos. In this post we are going to show you 5 apps to rotate videos, with which you can put your favorite videos in the sense that interests you the most

The best apps to rotate videos on Android

Rotate Video FX to rotate your videos

Rotate Video FX is a very simple tool to change the orientation of your videos. You just have to choose a video from your gallery and touch the corresponding button.

When you open one of your videos from the application, you will find two buttons with arrows left and right. You will only have to press one of them to rotate the video. If you need it, you can press it more than once.

apps to rotate videos

Once it has been as you want, you can press the Start button to see how it has been. As you can see, it is a fairly simple process, in which you can have your video finished in a matter of seconds.

Once you’ve finished rotating your video, you can put it back in the gallery. Or, if you wish, you can also share it on social networks directly from the app. Thus, if you want to send a video by WhatsApp or upload it to Facebook, it will not even be necessary to exit the application to be able to do so.

Video Editor

This tool is a bit more complete than the previous one. And it is that not only does it allow you to rotate videos, but it also has a large number of tools like video editor. Thus, for example, you can increase or decrease the playback speed.

You can also cut the piece of video you want. Or you will have the possibility to add a certain audio to your videos or, on the contrary, extract the video that was contained in an audio.

best Android video rotate apps

As for the rotation tools, which is what interests us in principle, they are quite simple. You will simply have to click on Rotate Video on the home screen. Next, you will go to a second screen where you can choose the piece of video you want to rotate.

Later, you can click the rotate button to choose the orientation you want for your video. In a matter of seconds, you can rotate the video to the position you want.

Flip videos with Flip Video FX

Flip Video FX is a fairly simple video editor. You will simply have to choose the video you want from the gallery of your smartphone. Subsequently, you will press the rotate button and the process will be carried out in a matter of seconds.

flip video rotate

It does not have as many options as the previous app, but if what you want is to simply turn a video around without too many complications, it is an app that can be very effective.

Once you’ve finished editing your video, you have two options. The first is to store it in the memory of the device. And the second possibility is to share it directly on social networks.

rotate videos flip video

You will not have to exit the app to look for the sharing options if you want to send the video to a friend. From the application itself you will find a button to share that will allow you to do it easily.

Smart Video Rotate and Flip

This is a very simple but effective tool to flip your videos. You will simply have to open them with the application. Subsequently, you must press the button that indicates in which direction you want the video to rotate. You can easily rotate the videos you want.

In a matter of seconds, the video will be in the chosen direction. As simple as that. It does not have too many options, but if what you are looking for is simply something effective, this app will give you what you need.

rotate videos

Once you have rotated the video, you can choose the name with which you export it and the folder in which it is saved. So, for example, if you don’t have too much internal storage on your mobile, you can choose to save it on the SD card.

By being able to choose before exporting, having your files in order will be easier for you. It is one of the best-rated applications of this type in the Play Store, which indicates that users are quite happy.

Rotate video and cut with Rotate Video, Cut Video

This application has in principle the function of rotate videos on Android. But it also offers some other additional possibilities.

So, for example, you can cut the video sequence you want if you don’t need the entire video. And you will also have the option to add an audio as a soundtrack of what you have recorded.

Rotate video for android

The process is fairly simple. In principle, you will only have to choose the video you want from your gallery. Then, with the buttons that you will find in the menu, you will rotate until it is in the orientation you want.

Finally, you can save the video in the memory of your smartphone or share it on social networks.

app rotate android videos

You don’t have as many options as a full video editor. However, being very easy to use, you may find it more comfortable if you do not have very powerful needs.

Have you used any of these apps to rotate and rotate videos on Android? We invite you to tell us about it in the comments section, which you will find below.

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