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We are in daily chats with all kinds of apps, from the now ubiquitous WhatsApp or Telegram to other «dark» instant messaging applications such as Signal. We are also familiar with the free chats present on various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. These are applications in which you use your identity, name or smartphone number and therefore have nothing to do with anonymous chat at all.

In this article, instead, we will see all the platforms on which you can chat freely and anonymously in a real anonymous chat without providing personal information to the interlocutors. These applications are used to chat without obligation, to communicate secretly with some friends or simply if you want to make new friends.

Note – If you care about anonymity online, you should also hide the IP address of the device you use (otherwise, you could reveal your Internet username).

Also, if you want to fully safeguard your privacy, consider using one of the network providers VPN.

Chat anonymous: the best apps for iOS, Android

Generally, we are talking about anonymous chat applications without registration, although some of these platforms still have an initial registration procedure via email.

Don’t worry: you can safely use a temporary self-destructing email that is not related in any way to your identity. Thanks to temporary email addresses, you can get the verification link without having to enter any personal information. These systems that we have recommended to you on several occasions, can be useful to register you in sites without clogging your real mailbox with unwanted messages.

Let’s start at this point with the applications that we have tested for you and that you can easily install on your iOS or Android smart smartphone.

1. KIK Messenger

This chat looks like WhatApp and Telegram, so you will surely feel comfortable right away. Registration is by email, but you can take advantage of the tips we give you in the introduction (use a temporary one).

Once you have created an account, you can freely chat with other users who are identifiable simply by their username. It’s easy to feel comfortable once you interact with a chat. KIK is also one of the favorite chats for those who want to massage but keep their privacy.

It is common for KIK accounts to be traded on dating chat to continue the conversation more comfortably. In any case, pay attention to send compromising photos at KIK because it is absolutely not guaranteed that the latter will remain in secret conversations. If you are concerned about privacy, we recommend that you be careful.

2. Wakie Voice Chat – Talk to Strangers with Anonymous Chat

It is a very interesting application that gives the possibility of chat with strangers from various countries. There are not many Spaniards present but it is a very interesting community full of people from all over the world.

Wakie It could be the application for you because it represents an excellent opportunity to chat and at the same time become familiar with English through new knowledge. The application was not initially created to protect those who write anonymously. However, you can hide all the details of your profile to talk to other people completely anonymously. It can also be used safely for voice calls.

If you want to join the vibrant Wakie community, you can download the free chat app directly from the Google and Apple stores.

3. Ablo: friends from all over the world you can chat with

If you like the idea behind Wakie but don’t feel good enough about languages, this app might be for you. Ablo translate messages automatically allowing you to chat with people from all over the world. The application is a true free chat that allows you to start a conversation with a random person.

If you are not particularly shy, it is also possible to do some video calls. It is one of the applications that allows you to chat comfortably from your PC even through the site.

4. – Chat and fun with anonymous chat is an interesting app inspired by instagram and Snapchat through which you can start sending messages without creating an account and without registering. A new account is required to submit stories (but you can always use the temporary email registration trick).

The application has two popular functions:

  • you can find other people close to your location
  • allows you to randomly chat with another connected user is used by many guys and girls just to flirt a bit, as is the case in dating app.

5. KakaoTalk Messenger: chat with strangers

It is a messaging application structurally similar to KIK but also available for Windows and Mac. We are managing chats anonymously to subjects of discussion. Very popular in South Korea, it offers the ability to make voice and video calls and uses a large number of emoticons. File sharing is also allowed on KakaoTalk.

The application is a free chat and is also frequented by several Spaniards. KakaoTalk has a large and welcoming community of JPOP music fans.

6. MeetMe – Meet new people with anonymous chat

MeetMe was born as a solution to meet people and has become one of the best applications to chat anonymously, with more than 100 million subscribers.

The application is very complete and it is up to you to decide how much to show other users of your person. There are also arcade or casino games to play to bond and make friends with other users. In addition to the simple chat, it is possible to know the views of a profile that you have received, how many «fans» you have and how many gifts have been delivered.

As with many applications of this type, it is possible to find many fakes or bots (programs that simulate a human interlocutor), so you should pay attention.

If you want to join the MeetMe community, just download the free app.

7. Whisper: anonymous chat app

Whisper is a true online community of people who, while maintaining anonymity and with full respect for privacy, enjoy participating in interesting discussions. There are many who are also engaged in exchanging hot pictures or sex-related talks. Whisper is literally the translation of «whisper» and can be used to share thoughts and wishes with complete strangers without revealing our true identity.

There are millions of registered users and many topics to talk about. Unfortunately, there are few Spanish and the application is in English. In any case, it is also a good solution to practice with English, as we have already recommended doing with Wakie.

We remind you that through the temporary email trick you can also subscribe while maintaining anonymity to all the main applications to chat anonymously.

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