Sleep if you can, the least conventional alarm clock app?

Sleep if you can, the less conventional alarm-clock app

Sleep if you can (sleep if you can) is the name of the app alarm clock for Android, that will lift you from the bed for more lazy that you are, with your way of delete the alarm tan unconventional. Of course the name of the app is a warning of the way this tool works, which has become one of the Applications plus downloaded on USA.

If you are one of those people who when the alarm goes off many times you turn off and you’re still in the bed, this is your application. We will tell you below all the curious details about its operation.

Sleep if you can, the less conventional alarm-clock app

Wake up, sleep if you can!

Surely many of you who read us have serious problems waking up, the earlier the worse … No matter how powerful the alarm is, no matter how long it is on or even how far you set the alarm clock, you are able to go back to a dream deep and placid.

A situation that for many is a real nightmare and that Sleep if you can is willing to solve.

Sleep if you can, the less conventional alarm-clock app

An unconventional way to turn off the alarm

The idea of Sleep if you can, is that to turn off the alarm, the user must photograph an object or place in the house that he has previously photographed and stored for reference.

For example, if we trust our awakening, we can photograph an object that is in the kitchen or in the bathroom, away from the bed, so that to deactivate the alarm we have to get up and photograph that element.

The more complicated we make it, the more we will ensure that the effort will be enough, to wake up and not go back to bed.

That waking up is not a nightmare

For this, the Korean company Delight Room, the person in charge of this curious app, offers us a simple interface and an efficient programming mode.

Sleep if you can works as follows. First, the alarm is programmed indicating the time and being able to select the days of the week for which it is operative.

Sleep if you can, the less conventional alarm-clock app

Next, the ‘“Alarm off method’ mode is selected which has two options: ‘off’ and ‘take a picture’. To activate the mode with photography, you have to select the second and then photograph the space of the house or the decoration element, utensil, furniture … or whatever comes to mind in our home.

The imagination and the difficulty you put according to your difficulty to wake up.

Descargar Sleep if you can app Android

It is a very popular application in the Google Play Store, with a score of note. It has 4.7 stars out of 5, so its users are almost delighted. You can be one of them downloaded at:

What do you think of this curious app-alarm clock? Have you had the opportunity to try it? How did it go? We would like to know your opinion and assessment about it, other readers will appreciate your point of view.

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