Organize all your tasks with Today Calendar, now free with no time limit

Today Calendar It is not a new application on Google Play, in fact, two versions of the application have been available for quite some time, one free and the other paid. The free version had a maximum usage time, but now, it has been updated and becomes free for an unlimited time.

For those who do not know it yet, Today Calendar is an alternative calendar to Google Calendar, the calendar pre-installed on almost all Android devices, which has a Material Design interface and many functions. We will tell you all of them and how this application works after «read more», do not miss it!

Today Calendar, more than a nice calendar

Interface and appearance

The first time we open the application, a small tutorial, very simple and visual, to start using our new calendar. This tutorial, like parts of the application, is in English, but it is not difficult to understand thanks to all the images and icons. We say parts, because there are many texts that are translated, but there are still some in English.

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, Today Calendar features Material Design, the new design line for Android that accompanied Lollipop. The graphics and animations are excellent and make the application very intuitive and easy to use.

We have a drop-down menu on the left side, where we can select between five different types of views, which calendar we want to view (Gmail, Hotmail …) and access the settings of the widgets, that we will see later.

The default view type is “Split View” o divided view: one half of the screen will be occupied by a complete view of the month, and the other half will show us all the events that we have today or the day that we press in the month view.

The second view is “Agenda”: It will only show us in the form of a list, the events that we have saved.

The other three views are “Day”, “Week View” y “Month View”. These views are very similar to the ones we already have in Google Calendar.

Functions and Widgets

Today Calendar is based on the native Android calendar, so many functions are exactly the same and it is configured in a very similar or equal way.

The widgets are very attractive and from their settings, we can modify many of their parameters to bring them more to our liking. We can place two different types of widgets: agenda and month. They are practically the same as the views of the application described above, only the colors and what we want to modify change.

Pros and cons


  • Interfaz Material Design
  • All Google Calendar features
  • Widgets
  • Compatibility with other calendars


  • It is not fully translated into Spanish
  • Sometimes messages jump in case we want to buy the Pro version, something that sometimes annoys.

today calendar android


Today Calendar was already one of the best calendars available on Google Play, but with the removal of the time limit, it becomes a perfect replacement for Google Calendar. The reason why its creator has decided to make this change is simply to extend the application and use it as many users as possible.

If you want to install this application, you can download it from the following link:

  • Download Today Calendar for free from Google Play

And if you liked it and it seems like a good purchase, you can get the Pro version for € 4.99:

And you, are you more of a traditional agenda or do you prefer to carry everything on your mobile? Would you trade your current calendar for this one? You can leave your answers and tell us what you think of this application in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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