Onyougo: the unforgettable price comparison

Onyougo: the unforgettable price comparison

Onyougo is the new app that allows you compare technology products and for the home, in a way easy and effective. It has no barrier to entry for stores and allows application users to Android use it from collaborative way, adding products and prices new.

Its motto is 100% transparent, “insobornables”According to its own creators, so that whoever consults Onyougo, can really find the best price, whatever the Mark and the place where the product is offered. We tell you more about this application developed in Spain.

Onyougo: the unforgettable price comparison

A new price comparison model

Its creators, Daniel Rodríguez and Sergi Rodríguez, have created this app sponsored by Conector Accelerator, an incubator for technological projects with Spanish capital, whose partners include Risto Mejide, Marc Vidal and Carlos Blanco, among others.

The differentiating nuance of Onyougo is its new compared modelprice r unique, which has no barrier to entry for stores, allowing the user to always have the best price for any product.

Onyougo: the unforgettable price comparison

By not depending on the payment or promotion of the different brands, the entire information that the application offers is free, 100 % transparent. This feature allows you not to depend on commissions for the sale of the products.

Simple operation

The operation of Onyougo is very simple. The user who has downloaded the application must scan the code from bars of the product you intend to buy with the app reader. Right away, Onyougo the informs of the price of the same product in Other stores, as well as other complementary information: opinions about the product of other users, resolution of doubts about its use, price of similar products, etc.

All this information can be found classified, in case we think about looking for the product before going to a certain store. The search and classification filters allow the user to easily and efficiently view the huge database that all users of the app are entering.

Onyougo allows us to compare which is the best price for both online stores, like nearby physical stores to user.

Onyougo: the unforgettable price comparison

Objective: buy cheaper

The operating mode, in which the users of the application enter the product data when scanning it, makes it possible to find discounts of more than 30% for the same product sold in one store compared to others.

As no brands or stores come into play, the prices that are found are real, they are not made up.

The application already has the information of more than 17 million from products of any category: electronics, food, cosmetics, perfumery, clothing, sporting goods …

Have you downloaded Onyougo yet? What are you waiting to do it? If you have tried it, we would like you to leave us your opinion about the application at the bottom of this article.

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