Install and use WhatsApp comfortably on your computer

Install and use WhatsApp comfortably on your computer

WhatsApp comes to the world of personal computers. In this way, through the Google browser Chrome, you can now use WhatsApp as if you were doing it on your Smartphone O Tablet… but more comfortable.

We have been several weeks, with many news about the most popular instant messaging application in the world, such as its approach little by little to Material Design and android 5 Lollipop, also the banning of all those WhatsApp + users and this time, the news arrives because it has finally officially released its web version after many weeks of rumors about this possibility. We tell you all the details below.

Whatsapp from the computer

Access from the Google Chrome browser

As reported by the WhatsApp official blog, the way to use this app through a computer is through the Internet browser Google Chrome.

The technology he has chosen for this is WebRTC and it is foreseeable that if you prefer to surf the Internet with Mozilla or Internet Explorer, you will soon be able to use WhatsApp on your PC as well.

Install and use WhatsApp comfortably on your computer

Of course, this option allows you to use WhatsApp through Chrome also from a mobile phone but beware… that even if you have an iPhone, the service through Chrome is not yet enabled. It is only for a Smartphone that works with Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

How to use WhatsApp through the computer

It is not a complicated process. To use WhatsApp from your fixed computer or laptop you have to Introduce the url in your Chrome browser. From this website you can link your phone to the computer.

On this page you will see how a QR code you must scan from the app WhatsApp in you Smartphone. For this you must have the last version available (4.98) of WhatsApp installed on your mobile phone and choose the WhatsApp Web option from the upper left button (options) of your mobile app.

At that moment, you will have the option to scan the QR code that appears in the Chrome browser. And it’s already linked!

Not yet a cloud service

At the moment it is not a service in the cloud, that is to say, not all our messages are stored on the Internet but it is a point-to-point connection of our Chrome browser with our Android device.

Install and use WhatsApp comfortably on your computer

This means that the messages you write on one site and another will not always be synchronized, unless you do this with both devices.

What does the web version give you?

In addition to the convenience of typing from your PC, the web application allows you to add files from images O Photographs from the computer. To do this, just click on the buttons that you have in the upper right part of the interface and carry out one of the two actions.

Install and use WhatsApp comfortably on your computer

You can also do the opposite, descargar a WhatsApp image on your computer

Have you already used the WhatsApp version for PC? What opinion do you deserve? Would you improve any aspect? Leave us your comment at the bottom of this news or in our Android Forum, we would love to hear your opinion.

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