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Instagram is undoubtedly the social of the moment, with an increasing number of users publishing all kinds of original and interesting content for increase your followers. Over the years, from simple photographs with descriptions, we have moved on to stories, to videos (also with IGTV) and finally to Reels more recently. This evolution was accompanied by a new privacy options, which allow you to hide stories from specific users. Therefore, many people want to see stories in Instagram anonymously.

Today we talk about Qoob, an application that allows you to view and download all the contents of the platform, easily and anonymously How to view stories on Instagram without being seen it is one of the many functions promised by Qoob, which we will delve into in the next paragraph.

How does Qoob Stories work to view stories on Instagram?

Qoob Stories is a functional Instagram application. Once the application is launched, it allows you to access the contents of the social network. what’s more without having to log in with your account. If you wish, you can also log in with your account.

With or without being logged into your account, the application allows you to view your friends’ stories, even those that are hidden from you, without difficulty. What’s more, viewing them with Qoob (even after login), it will not be present in the list of those who have seen the History.

It is made so that you can enjoy the stories of friends and acquaintances even without their knowledge. In fact, one of the biggest interests for those who use Instagram is to understand how to see stories on instagram without being seen.

For users who purchase the license, there is also the possibility to view the posts and Stories of private accounts. However, the app was created primarily to make it easy to download content from Instagram.

How to download and install Qoob Stories

You can use Qoob on your pc with one of the following operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux.

To install it on all supported platforms, the procedure is similar. Just go to the Qoob download page, download the appropriate executable for your operating system (it is usually automatically recognized), and once the download is complete, click on the file to start the quick install wizard.

The installation wizard is quite simple despite being in English. Just click the button «following». To continue, check the box to accept the license, choose the installation folder (or leave the default one) and finish the procedure by clicking «Install on pc«And then in»end up“.

How to use the application to view stories on Instagram

Qoob Stories is simple and immediate to use. Being mainly a tool to download content (photos, videos, stories), it allows you to download the publications of other accounts and make a backup copy of yours.

When you start the application, you will notice that the interface is clear and intuitive, fully translated into our language. It will only take a few clicks to get used to it. At the top is the bar in which to search for the accounts that we want to monitor and from which we could decide to download content.

Just enter a username to search for it. After a brief analysis of the account, Qoob Stories will show you all the available content and you can proceed with the download. You can choose what to download with the side button and the destination folder.

Thanks to the settings section, you can decide to limit the download only to items uploaded in a certain time interval, or only to videos or photos. Once registered, Qoob will scan the user’s account and automatically download the indicated items to the folder of their choice.

All items will automatically download in the highest quality available.

¿Qoob Stories es gratis?

The free application to view stories on Instagram offers the possibility to subscribe and then monitor and download the contents of two accounts, for a maximum of 200 contents per day.. The free plan does not allow access to posts from private accounts.

There are payment plans that allow more freedom: the personal plan for example with a cost of € 8.54 per month, allows you to have:

  • the ability to follow 10 profiles at a time;
  • the ability to download infinite content;
  • access to endless stories to download;
  • unlimited support to access the contents of private accounts.

Both plans described are dedicated to private clients. If you need to make professional use of Qoob, it is up to you to choose the plan for commercial use.

The most expensive plan is the most complete, since it has no limits of any kind. It offers the same features as the personal plan but with the possibility of following an unlimited number of profiles.

Find more information about all plans and offers on their website. Payment can be made comfortably through PayPal or credit card.

In addition, users have a support page available, with guides also in Spanish to learn how to make the most of the software. Also, by clicking on the bottom left, you have a support worker every day, to be guided to overcome any difficulties.

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