how to check if it is down or inaccessible

Do you think you have the Broken instagram or can’t you log into your account and then use it? Unfortunately, it happens, even more often than we realize. Internet services like Instagram sometimes go down and don’t work for a while, usually a few minutes, but sometimes even hours.

By reading this article you can understand why this happens and how to find out if Instagram has fallen or if you cannot enter because of you.

Instagram is a popular social network that has seen great success in recent years. Great success on the web means being «used» by many users, so you have many simultaneous connections and requests (in jargon, these requests are called traffic).

With high traffic, many servers must be used that must work well together to allow access to the service to all users who request their use. The higher the traffic, the greater the number of servers required and the more fragile the stability of the entire system.

An attack or a technical failure can cause the system to crash, making services such as Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp inaccessible.

What happens to Instagram when it is offline?

When the application servers are down, a series of characteristic behaviors are noticed when using the Instagram application:

  • Unable to update the feed (if you try to do so, the message appears Can’t update);
  • profile pictures in direct messages are grayed out;
  • direct messages are not delivered;
  • a notice tells us that we are offline (even if we are regularly connected to the network);
  • some stories are not accessible.

Sometimes these problems also arise when the application, due to its own problems, stops working correctly. To be sure that this is not your application, but is a common problem for different users, special solutions have been created, which we will talk about in the next paragraph.

The best place to understand if Instagram is down

Instagram, Facebook, and many other services do not give an official warning to all of their users when their servers have a problem. Therefore, it is up to users to inform each other of the outage (a bit like it happens between neighbors during a power outage).

Thus, all portals for detecting problems with web services are based on user reports. If a service like Instagram is experiencing issues with its servers, you can be sure that you won’t be the only one experiencing the outage. (In fact, those affected will be thousands, if not millions).

Down detector

The place Down detector is a great service based on user reports. It is used to indicate if an outage is occurring and provides a useful map to see which region of the world most of the reports are coming from.

Check if Instagram is down with Downdetector it’s really simple, just connect to the page dedicated to Instagram by Downdetector. On the middle page you can see a graph. If you see a spike or two, it means that there have been a lot of reports and therefore the Instagram service had some problems.

The screen also provides a quick overview of the most common problems. They are indicated by pie charts located immediately below the main chart. You will also find comments from other users who have had problems with Instagram.

If you want to know in detail in which area inefficiencies were concentrated, you can click the button «Live outage«. You will arrive at a screen, where, in a darker color, the areas where most of the reports come from will be indicated. There is also a version for Spain.

Downdetector is very complete, in addition to monitoring Instagram, it also allows you to know if many other services are offline, among which we find: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok Telegram, Xbox live, PSN and even video services such as Netflix or Disney + (yes, sometimes they fall too).

Downdetector is also available for added comfort in a application for Android and iOS (hence for iPhone and iPad).

What if you have problems on Instagram but the service is not down?

It may happen that you have the problems listed above, but no one else has them and therefore it is not the fault of the server.

In this case, the problem must be with your mobile or tablet. A possible solution to try to solve the problem is clear app cache.

The cache is made up of certain data that applications store in the memory of our device and that are useful for its operation. It can happen that this data is corrupted, if it is corrupted, it can compromise the proper functioning of the entire application. This can be fixed by clearing the cache, so the application must recreate it on first launch.

Clear the cache of the Instagram application on Android

The procedure in Google’s operating system is really simple, just:

  • Go into «setting”From the Android device;
  • Then click on «Applications“(May vary based on manufacturer customizations);
  • Search the list of applications until you find the item «Instagram«And press it;
  • Press the button the “Empty the cache”And confirm.

Finally, it is time to reopen the application and check if the problem is solved. If not, the other option to try to fix the problem is to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Clear the app cache on iOS

Unfortunately, on iOS (the iPhone and iPad system) it is not possible to directly clear the application cache as it is possible to do on Android. So to try to get Instagram to work properly on iPhone and iPad, you need to remove the Instagram app by uninstalling it (this will clear your cache as well) and then reinstalling it from the app store.

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