Audiobooks. the best application to listen to them on Android and iOS

Audiobooks are transpositions of audio of texts, where a reader, often professional, has been reading aloud and has been recorded. It is a valuable way to enjoy the pleasure of a good book at times when it is objectively difficult to read, perhaps while driving, taking a walk, or even playing sports.

Audiobooks have always been around since the media of recording and playback became available. Today, audiobooks are experiencing a moment of special attention also thanks to smartphones, which are always with us and therefore allow us to listen to audiobooks in situations that previously seemed unthinkable to us.

Listening to audiobooks in a foreign language is often recommended in language courses for those who study them to improve their fluency and especially their comprehension skills.
After this brief introduction, let’s dive into the best audiobook apps that will make your smart mobile terminal or tablet a useful audiobook player.

Best Audiobook Apps

Audible (Android e iOS)

Are thereAmazon’s app dedicated to audiobooks. In this solution there are thousands of books, podcasts and audio series available, in different languages. Each book is read by a professional storyteller (and that makes a big difference) and in the catalog there are also a good number of bestsellers and classics in our language.

To access it you must subscribe. Thanks to a monthly subscription of € 9.99 you have unlimited access to all the contents of the catalog, from the most popular books to the most niche books. In addition, you have available a 30-day free trial, where you can calmly test the quality of the catalog.

To take advantage of the free trial days, you can sign up by going to the Official Audible Page. Once you’ve signed up for the service, installing the Audible app is very easy, just go to the Play Store or the iOS App Store (iPhone or iPad) and press the “Install on pc» O «Descargar«. In short, it is like installing any other application.

Once the download is complete, you can start Audible, log in with your credentials, and start listening. If you want, you can also download audiobooks and podcasts to listen to later, even without an Internet connection.

The use of the application is so immediate that you will immediately feel at ease: under the section “To explore“There are featured audiobooks and at the top is the magnifying glass to find a specific book or podcast. Once you’ve chosen the book or podcast you like, just tap on it to start reading or listening to it.

The player has the usual controls (Play / Pause), the ability to adjust the playback speed and set a timer to interrupt playback (timeout).

Storytel to listen to audiobooks (Android and iOS)

This is another great app dedicated to audiobooks. Storytel is available in both Android like in iOS (iPhone and iPad). The service allows you to access a large number of audiobooks in different languages, including audiobooks in Spanish. Also in this case, as in the case of Audible, the service operates by subscription, which gives you access to the entire catalog available. The subscription costs € 9.99 per month, but you can try the service free for 14 days, without obligation of renewal.

The Storytel app is available for free on the Android Google Play Store and the iOS App Store (for iPhone and iPad). The installation is, as usual, typical and identical to that of all other applications. At the end of the installation you can start the application. On the first screen you can enter your account or register for the service by pressing the button «Create an account“.

If this is the first time you use the service, you can also get the 14 free days we were talking about. You must first log in with the credentials you just registered, then press the button «menu«In the upper left part of the interface (it is characterized by three parallel and horizontal segments), then in the header» configurations» Then in «account settings”And finally in“Activate your subscription«. At this point, a quick wizard will start.

Once you have entered Storytel, you will find a simple and intuitive interface. In category «recommended» P you can find all the fashionable audiobooks right now. If you want to search, simply touch the «menu» button at the top left and touch «Look for“.

After choosing a book, you can decide to listen to a sample or go to full playback. The player is essential but offers everything you really need: playback controls, speed control, the ability to add markers, and the sleep timer.

Google Books (Android e iOS)

The Google application is preferably dedicated to e-books, but it has a large section of audiobooks. Unfortunately, there is no monthly subscription available and you have to buy the books you want to listen to one by one, and some are quite expensive. Fortunately, before you buy, you can test the quality of the e-books with a 5-minute preview.

The application is very easy to use and also has a handy player included with all the appropriate options. If you want to download Google Play Books, you can find it in the Play Store and App Store.

LibriVox (Android e iOS)

If you are looking for a viable application for listen to audiobooks for free and legally LibriVox is for you! All the audiobooks present are free and the project is supported by the commitment of the volunteers, who lend their time and voice to the reading completely free of charge.

There are only free domain books, so don’t expect recent bestsellers.
The project portal can be accessed through the website and as an app for Android and iOS. There are many audiobooks in many different languages, including Spanish. If you want to support the project and eliminate the advertising, you can subscribe for the ridiculous amount of 49 cents a month or € 2.49 a year.

The installation as for the rest of the apps that we have described is very simple, you just have to go to the store of your platform: Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. It’s easy to use too: search by keyword for the audiobook you’re interested in, and once you find it, you can start reading it.

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