▷ Kiddle is the safe search engine for children and is it from Google?

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You know Kiddle, the search engine for kids that is of Google? Well, in this post, we will talk about this tool specifically for children. Kiddle offers more than safe browsing on the Internet, as it displays the appropriate and understandable content for its age.

Google is the search engine par excellence. But it is not very suitable for the smallest of the house, since they could find violent or sexual content. Therefore, Kiddle was created as a solution to avoid these types of problems.

Today we will take the time to explain everything you need to know about Kiddle below.

Kiddle, is the safe search engine for children and is from Google

What is Kiddle?

It is a search engine that has a design of children’s drawings. Its results are carefully chosen by its team of editors, to ensure age-appropriate content for its users.

Block keywords, sites and everything that cannot be seen or is not suitable for children who use the network. Safety is your main objective. We already saw at the time, how to configure a mobile for children to use. This search engine is a good complement to secure the content that our children find.

Kiddle is the safe search engine for children

Kiddle pictures, videos, news and more

As soon as the children enter the Kiddle finder, an animated background is shown on the lunar surface, with a robot of different colors welcoming them. A simple interface with a search bar with options for video, images and content that is filtered by Google. Simply the parental control you need.

Kiddle’s design, no matter how similar it is to Google and that your searches are filtered through it, is not linked to the company. Well, Google already has its own safe search engine Safe Search for Kids, which excludes sensitive content.

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How does Kiddle safety work?

All websites displayed after searching Kiddle must meet certain requirements. Well, all misleading or explicit content will be filtered by Kiddle. It has pages, where things are explained in such a way that they can be understood by children and they come with large images.

It should be noted that Kiddle has two image search engines. One is totally normal and the other is known as Kimages, belonging to Kpedia, an online encyclopedia for children. This encyclopedia has more than 700,000 articles on different topics. But as a point against Kiddle so far, it is in English.

kiddle kids finder

How is content displayed in Kiddle?

The results of the search engine for children are shown as follows:

  • The first sites to appear are specifically geared towards children, which have been hand-selected by the team of editors. These are usually the first three results displayed.
  • The sites that correspond to the fourth and seventh results show safe and reliable sites, which are not specifically for children. But they have been written in a simple way for understanding.
  • Those sites written for adults and difficult to understand for children, filtered in the safe search, are shown in the eighth place onwards.

The important thing is that you keep in mind that it is a good search engine to have it on your mobile, Tablet or any electronic device for the little ones.

Have you ever used Kiddle, the safest search engine for children? Leave a comment below.

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