▷ Are you looking for a MIUI 10 Launcher? My X Launcher is on Google Play

MIUI 10 Launcher

Are you looking for a MIUI 10 Launcher? A highlight in devices that have an operating system Android, is the great customization capacity. This is because it is a free platform for developers, therefore, there will be a large number of applications designed to customize Android phones.

Among the key elements that are used to modify the appearance of a phone, are the Launchers. It is the first application that you «use» when you turn on your mobile, and where the other applications are launched.

Looking for a MIUI 10 Launcher? My X Launcher is on Google Play

It is made up of the wallpaper, where the icons and Widgets are placed. Each mobile already comes with one installed, but if you want you can also change it yourself.

By installing a launcher, your whole mobile will look different. You just have to find one that catches your attention, install it, and set it as the default. It should be noted that the changes do not apply to the mobile Settings or the notification panel. If you find yourself looking for a launcher based on the new Xiaomi MIUI 10 interface, Mi X Launcher is available on Google Play. A whole MIUI 10 Launcher.

Mi X Launcher

For a while now, MIUI 10 Launcher was officially unveiled, where its most prominent feature was the integration of artificial intelligence. It allows you to control the phone using your voice and poses a different design to your home screen and including its icons.

This mod is currently available for other Android devices.

The Mi X Launcher is inspired by the MIUI 10, and even integrates more useful functions. When you install it, the app will ask you which wallpaper you prefer to use and the style of icons. One of its predefined themes features a similar design to Android Pie.

In addition, you also have the app drawer enabled, which serves as a navigation barrier.

More customization features

Among its many options, you can choose the size of the icons, the grids, the application drawer mode and use icon packs. You will have the option to hide applications that you want to hide or that you do not use. You can enable screen gestures through the Full Screen option. These will allow you to simulate the power button, home, the back button without pressing them.

As a requirement to be able to use the Mi X Launcher you must have a version Android 5.0 Lollipop installed or higher versions. The application is completely free, free of ads and advertising. It is in English, although you only need to master the basics to use it.

Mi X Launcher is ideal if you want to change the style of your mobile and are looking for multiple customization options, we recommend it as the best MIUI 10 Launcher.

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