▷ 5 tricks to get the most out of Google Lens

Google Lens

Google Lens It was developed in 2017 as a Google application, which is characterized by describing what appears in your photos. This application when focusing on a text you can translate it, know what breed your pet is through a photo, what is the name of that dish that you enjoyed so much. Also discover what type of flower is the one that decorates your room or the one that you have found in the field, among other things.

With the passage of time Google has progressed so that it is not necessary to download an application, but with Google photos you can access it. We can also find it in your official Web.

It is very simple to use, since it has icons, which teach us if we want to translate a text, find information about something, buy, save and more. We are going to see several tricks for Google Lens, to get the most out of it.

Tricks to get the most out of Google Lens

To take full advantage of this application, we must try to know it to the fullest, we can go beyond just recognizing something that we have encountered.

Here we show you other options so that you can make the most of Google Lens and solve your doubts or searches when buying, visiting places, etc.

Tips for using Google Lens well

  • Save a text: we can transfer a text from a photo to have it written on our mobile in a matter of seconds. Just by capturing the paragraph and choosing the text one from the application icons, you can copy it and save it in notes.

google lens text

  • Buy online: now in this case we use the shopping cart icon. When taking a photo of an object or using an existing photo. It is worth mentioning that this will send us to the website where we could buy it if we are really interested.

google lens to buy products

  • Scan barcodes: We can also obtain specific information on a product direct from the Internet, just by focusing on its barcode.

  • Know dishes: You can know the dishes on the menu just by focusing on their name, it will show us ingredients, photos, etc.

  • Add reminders to your calendar: Another function is to be able to help you remember an event. By focusing on the date of the invitation card, it will allow you to save it in your mobile calendar.

Where to download Google Lens Android

Google Lens is available for both Android and iOS users. It is very popular as it has multiple functions just by using your phone’s camera. It is true that it never ceases to amaze us because its results are very specific and fast.

There are several ways to access Google Lens, if you have an Android device you can access it through the application, the Google assistant or through Google photos.

In case it is an iOS device, you can use it through Google Photos or through the application.

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