parental control app to protect kids from internet

FamiSafe is a parental control application designed by Wondershare, a software developer based in Shenzhen, China (it also has Dr.fone and Filmora in its portfolio). Like other parental control apps, it aims to protect the little ones online. To do this, it offers parents all the tools they need to help their children surf the Internet responsibly.

The application was born in 2018, and in a short time it became one of the most popular solutions for parental control, both on smartphones Android like in iPhone. Some figures: more than 5 million protected children worldwide, 10,000 pages of adult content and gambling excluded from search, 20,000 applications blocked, 5 million texts related to cyberbullying, suicide and pornography identified child.

FamiSafe has a free trial at Google Play and App Store. These are all supported platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android y Kindle Fire.

It confirms the excellent work that FamiSafe receives every year important international prices, including first place in the 2020 National Product Awards for Parents. The average rating obtained from user reviews also attests to its effectiveness with more than 1 million downloads and a score of 4.5 out of 20 thousand votes for the Android application . Below is our review.

How FamiSafe works

The parental control app FamiSafe allows parents to monitor their children’s online activity and at the same time protects the browsing of the latter by excluding sites and applications that have sensitive content. For it to work, the app must be installed on both children’s and parents’ devices, and it is also important that both profiles are connected. Only in this way can adults control the use of the Internet by their children.

Control of the child’s online activities

The FamiSafe Parental Control app allows parents to fully monitor their children’s online activity. Immediately the tools available to adults:

  • Activity report (activity report): control of which applications and websites are used;
  • Browser history (search history) – the list of visited sites;
  • Web filter (web filter): option to block one or more websites;
  • Screen time (screen time): allows you to set a time limit to use a particular application;
  • YouTube app control function to monitor the use of YouTube, as well as to block videos or channels considered inappropriate;
  • Safe search (safe search): blocking content with explicit words or material in search results;
  • Real time location (real-time location): check the location of the smartphone
  • Location history (location history): the list of locations “intercepted” by the smart smartphone;
  • Geocercas (virtual perimeter) – allows you to identify a specific area beyond which the child cannot walk;
  • Explicit content detection (Explicit content detection): monitoring of explicit content on SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Messenger Lite, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Kik;
  • Suspicious photos (suspicious photos): allows you to record adult photos in your child’s online photo album;
  • Driving report (driving report): useful function to monitor how the child behaves, at this age, when driving.

Office registration and setup

To start using FamiSafe, it is important first of all register a new account through the website or from the app. This is the procedure to follow on Android smartphones:

  1. Download the application «Parental controls and time limits – FamiSafe desde Google Play Store
  2. Start the application, make two consecutive swipes from right to left to see the main options; characteristics, select identity «Parents«, Then click»Starts”To continue with the installation;
  3. Enter a valid email address, select your password, confirm and press «check in”To complete the registration;
  4. Copy the 6-digit numeric code included in the new screen that opens when registration is complete and you will need it to pair the device with your child;
  5. Repeat the previous steps, this time using the child’s smart smartphone or computer and install the application “Famisafe Junior«. When registration is complete, enter the previously copied 6-digit code to connect both devices.
  6. Click on «Activate now“In the following screens to issue the necessary permits for FamiSafe to function properly.

Once the app is installed on both devices, we have many options to choose from among the many available features that we described in the previous section. Among the most used when our child is away from home, there is certainly real time location, so we know exactly the movements that our son makes.

For those who want to avoid the intensive use of our son’s device, we have “Browsing time«, With which we can block all applications manually or set times and terms of use. We can also choose which applications to allow.

Web filter instead, it allows you to block pages based on the categories to which they belong, a very useful function for those who do not want to have worries while our child is crawling.

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FamiSafe subscription prices

We have come to the conclusion in our guide, so we only need to present the prices of the various subscription plans available on FamiSafe. In total, the parental control app works for Android and iPhone three floors: monthly, quarterly and annually.

Here in detail how much they cost and what guarantees they offer:

  • Monthly for 9.99 euros: protection of up to 5 devices, all functions available
  • Quarterly for € 19.99: protection up to 10 devices, all functions available
  • Annually for 59.99 euros: protection up to 10 devices, all functions available

In terms of cost, the most convenient plan is the annual, which allows you to save up to 50% in twelve months compared to the monthly plan. There is also the possibility to test for free the functionality of FamiSafe for a limited period equivalent to Three days. The user can then choose whether to continue using the paid parental control application or to cancel the automatic renewal at no additional cost.

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